Ooni Fyra High-Heat Pizza Oven Speeds Up Pizza Making Process

May 15, 2020 Outdoor Monika Thakur

Ooni’s ovens are great for preparing authentic Neapolitan-style pizza while taking up minimal space in the backyard. Now taking up the performance of their standard pizza ovens to another level, the company has come up with the high-performing Ooni Fyra.

Ooni Fyra is a curvier version of its predecessor, Ooni 3. but what makes it truly stand out from the rest of the pizza ovens is its ability to reach high temperatures of 932 degrees Fahrenheit within 15 minutes, using hardwood pellets. This means that you just need a quarter of an hour for getting your oven pre-heated to prepare pizza. Once pre-heated, it can quickly cook a 12-inch pizza in only. This means you can cook half a dozen of these crusty pies in a few more minutes.

The over’s design is insulated with a powder-coated carbon steel shell, which is great at retaining heat while allowing the device to stay at high temperature during the complete cooking process. This way it allows you to cook the same pizza per minute, as soon as it is pre-heated. With this outdoor pizza oven, you can easily prepare as many pizzas you want for your weekend outdoor party with family or friends.

Due to its taller hopper than the predecessor, Ooni Fyra can easily hold up more fuel and can burn for a longer time. This makes it easier for you to prepare pizzas for a larger group of people. Did we mention that it’s also seven pounds lighter at just 22 pounds compared to its previous model? Hence, you can easily relocate it without much hassle.

Besides cooking pizza, this wood-burning oven can also be used for searing steaks, baking bread, roasting meats, and preparing a lot more dishes. Its versatility makes it a lot more useful beyond your weekend party evenings at home. If you want this amazing pizza oven in your backyard, it will be available in mid-June for $249.

Via: CoolThings