Humi Pot Dehumidifier Functions and Looks Like a Kettle

April 14, 2020 Accessories Monika Thakur

Dehumidifiers are necessary for the summer season for living spaces to drop down the temperature a little. But it’s quite problematic to empty a full dehumidifier. To solve this issue, designer Seongmin Kwon has created the conceptual ‘Humi Pot’ dehumidifier that aims to function as a regular kettle to empty its internal reservoir.

Boasting kettle-like design, this dehumidifier also removes indoor moisture from the air when switched on. And, when the internal water reservoir is full, you can pick it up from the handle like a regular kettle to empty excess water in a sink or water plants while making the most out of water.

This way the device simply solves the most common problem of using a dehumidifier. With Humi Pot, emptying a dehumidifier would become a simple one-step process. Furthermore, the cleaning of this device is also very easy. All you need to do is detach its top section and rinse the container as you do with a kettle. You don’t require specific tools, like other traditional dehumidifiers, to separate the parts of this kettle-shaped dehumidifier. It is very easy even for an elderly person to clean the device without any assistance. After cleaning, assembling all the parts is also very easy – just like separating them.

Another good thing about this device is that it’s lightweight and portable. You may set it anywhere in your room without even plugging it into a socket. The bright ergonomic build of this dehumidifier is also likely to bring vibrant and lively vibes into your dull interior.

This conceptual dehumidifier is intended to cater as a modern, space-saving, and time-saving unit for urban dwellings. It is also imagined in three beautiful color options. But sadly, we’re not sure when this project will come to life.

For more information about this conceptual dehumidifier, you may visit Behance.

Via: YankoDesign