Lahu Folding Chair’s Leather Backrest Doubles as Shoulder Strap

April 16, 2020 Furniture

Designed by Spanish architectural designer, Arquimaña. Lahu folding chair is a portable furniture piece to offer flexible and durable space for users to sit anywhere they want. The chair is made from beech wood for durability and minimalist aesthetics. It features a comfortable leather backrest that also serves as a shoulder strap to easily relocate the seat or fold it after use.

This foldable chair is ideal for smaller living spaces while enables inhabitants to conveniently shift items around the given space without much effort. It means that they can comfortably relax on the chair anytime, anywhere. They may even keep it as a spare chair for occasions when there are extra guests in your house.

Lahu Folding Chair

Since living places are getting smaller and smaller in big cities, urban dwellers require highly functional and practical solutions, like foldable chairs, in their everyday life. Lahu is a creation that’s created as a thought of requiring space-saving furniture for guests.

The minimal frame and flexible design of the chair make it perfect for smaller condos or apartments with very limited space. After use, you can easily fold back the chair and store it in your closet or under the bed. You may even hang this furniture piece as a unique wall hanging on an empty wall.

Lahu Folding Chair

Today, when people are moving towards tiny living and preferring motorhomes over standard or luxury housing, such simple yet practical furniture pieces prove that less is enough for comfortable living.

Find out more information about Lahu folding chair on the designer’s official website.

Lahu Folding Chair

Via: Tuvie