While some people prefer simple and minimalist furniture, others love nothing less than an extravagant piece of chair or table. If you belong you the latter category, you’d love this one-of-a-kind Big 707 Jet Chair. Created by John Wood with the help of her daughter, Diana, he reclaimed a Boeing 707 engine inlet from the aircraft found in a boneyard in Tucson and they got it shipped to their home in Massachusetts. (more…)

Ukrainian design studio UDESD2 has created an extraordinary Buckyball chair that consists of six spheres, which are inspired by the scientific structure of carbon molecules. These six spheres include twelve pentagons each and can be arranged in any desired shape or form you want. Meanwhile, it can bear the weight of any person without losing its original shape. (more…)

Keeping in mind how much space does the public benches consume on the streets, designer Thomas Gossner has come up with a minimalist solution. The designer has created an ultra-flat, wall-mounted chair called Flair to transform the outlook of how public seats could appear and function. This public seating can be accessed whenever needed by anyone, and discarded when not required – and not at all abused by people for sleeping on it. (more…)

Due to lack of space in small apartments, people often don’t have space for a full-size desk to work. But the new Edge Desk claims to solve this problem. It is a minimalist and unique blend of chair system and keeling desk in one practical design. This multipurpose furniture piece comes completed assembled and folds flat when not in use. And, when you want to use it again, you can easily set up the seven-inch flat system into your personal office space. (more…)

Designed by Spanish architectural designer, Arquimaña. Lahu folding chair is a portable furniture piece to offer flexible and durable space for users to sit anywhere they want. The chair is made from beech wood for durability and minimalist aesthetics. It features a comfortable leather backrest that also serves as a shoulder strap to easily relocate the seat or fold it after use. (more…)

Picnic Time brand, Oniva, has introduced all-new Fusion portable outdoor backpack chair with multiple features. The portable folding chair is to carry with its backpack-style design. The outdoor chair easily unfolds with a two-tiered accordion-style shelves on one side, fully-detachable 24+1 cooler with backpack straps on the other side, as well as specialized fabric loops for sports banner or umbrella. (more…)

We have always loved clean and elegant decor hinted by one or a couple of statement furniture or decor. This combination not only allows you to play with your imagination but also provides timeless decor to your house. If you resonate with our thought, you are going to love this beautiful Ortal Sachs Stone Chair. Named ‘Marbella’, this chair is a unique creation that tends to give an impression of a rough-cut stone. You would be surprised to know that Marbella was a part of Ortal Sach’s final project of industrial design at the Ariel Industry. It is indeed surprising…