Few Handy Tips To Help You Cure A Leaking Ceiling

November 9, 2019 Architecture priyanka Shah

A leaking ceiling requires immediate attention. Discoloration, buckling plaster, water dripping from the ceiling, and saggy drywall may all make you feel that the ceiling is leaking. However, remember that these are just symptoms of some other home system actually leaking and it is not really the wall that is faulty. If your ceiling is showing such symptoms, in all probabilities, it is either the roofing system or the drainage system that is at fault.

Tips To Cure A Leaking Ceiling

However, water damage should not be taken lightly and must be acted upon as soon as you notice the first sign. Thereafter follow these few tips that may come in handy to cure a leaking ceiling:

1. Identify the type of leak

Does your ceiling leak after the rains or is it leaking incessantly sans any speck of rain? This will make it clear if the problem is your faulty drainage system or your roofing system that needs to be attended upon. Sometimes, if there is a bathroom above the room that is leaking, the leaking might be a result of faulty bathroom waterproofing. Similarly, there can be ample of reasons, and you need to identify the root cause.

How To Cure A Leaking Ceiling

2. Stop the flow of water immediately

If you find that it is the drainage system that is at fault or if your bathroom waterproofing is wrong, stop using that area absolutely. Stop using that bathroom or stop the drainage system of that area. However, if you think that it is the roof that is at fault, simply cover that area with a waterproof cloth so that water does not seep in while you repair it.

Simple Step To Cure A Leaking Ceiling

3. Dry the area before removing it

The next plan of action should be to perfectly dry the area before you start removing it or repairing the ceiling. While removing the part of the ceiling, beware that you don’t cut off any electrical wiring or any other important part of your home. The entire process of removal of the ceiling will take a few days as you have to properly dry the area. Even a bit of moisture can lead to the growth of mildew, which may prove to be heinous for the entire house. You may also point fans at the specific area to speed up the drying process. Once it is dry, carefully remove the drywall or wooden planks that are damaged and/or discolored.

Start Cure A Leaking Ceiling Today

4. Restoring the ceiling back to normalcy

Now that you have successfully removed the ceiling from the position and addressed the leaking issue, it is time for you to restore the place back to normalcy. Now, for this, you need an expert but worry not, just a restoration technician or a handyman can help you out with it. This is because you need to keep in mind the structural integrity of your house along with the electrical issues, which only an expert can help with. Once your technician is done with it, the best thing is to paint the area in order to protect it from any damage, and also to match the aesthetics of the rest of the house.