Memento Mori Skull Cups Remind Users to Live Life to the Fullest

May 15, 2020 Accessories Monika Thakur

Ceramics artist Trevor Foster has created a range of Memento Mori skull cups and mugs with the macabre aesthetic. The realistic skull-shaped design on these cups and mugs remind the users of the limited time they have on earth. So, they must live life to the fullest.

‘Memento Mori’ is an ancient Latin phrase, which means ‘remember you are mortal’. These realistic skull mugs are available in several size options. So, you can use them for different hot and cold beverages.

These cups and mugs boast The a red iron oxide finish, which gives each one of them an exquisite rustic look. Besides the rustic design, these mugs are also available in amazing pastel colors ranging from orange, lime, and yellow to pretty pink to help users to add lively vibe to their dark drinkware.

If you don’t want to use these mugs for drinks, they have others uses as well. For instance, you can use them as small planters. Or for storing small household essentials, like keys. For those who are still finding such dark-themed drinkware spooky for everyday use, let us inform you that this project has already been funded successfully through the Kickstarter campaign.

Many people loved the idea behind its creation. Even we feel that every morning when you’ll pour your coffee or tea in these mugs, it will give you a strong reminder that all you have is today. So, you work harder today and don’t leave anything left for tomorrow, as you never know what will happen the next day.

The drinkware is available in small (2.5 ounces) cups for $24. The tea cups with handle cost $25. And, the large (12-ounce) cups are available for $44. Plus, the mugs are priced at $45.

Via: TheAwesomer