Mind the Cork Creates Well-Crafted Eco-Friendly Cork Homeware

March 8, 2022 Accessories Monika Thakur

Mind The Cork makes delightfully handcrafted, fun, and tactile cork homeware. Each piece consists of 100-percent natural cork. This sustainable material comes from Portugal and it’s handmade in London. The project aims to create awareness while celebrating sustainable and amazing material.

Based at the Cockpit Arts in Holborn, the company makes use of recyclable, renewable, and biodegradable sustainable natural material on the planet – the cork. The cork industry directly leads to strong economies and healthy ecosystems. Using sustainable material, the project utilizes eco-friendly craftsmanship to create home goods that are not just sustainable but functional as well.

Mind the Cork Creates Well-Crafted Eco-Friendly Cork Homeware

Mind the Cork: Sustainable Creation

Mind the Cork is the passion project of Founder Jenny Espirito Santo. This project is witnessing constant growth and focusing on customers and like-minded partners touting the brand. The main aim of Jenny with her sustainable creations is to create a brand that’s fair, honest, and positive at the core.

Moreover, the cork offers to contain various styles and types of planters – from small versions to medium-sized models. The website also states the maintenance and care needs of the pots made of sustainable material.

Mind the Cork Creates Well-Crafted Eco-Friendly Cork Homeware

One can use sustainable products as bathroom organizers, desk accessories, and other creative purposes. Furthermore, this project also provides cork bowls, cardholders, and storage vessels along with 11 lid options.

According to the designer, she worked closely with small factories and craftspeople in Portugal and the U.K. These are all an integral part of the project’s production process. Meanwhile, she believes in working flexibly, creating strong relationships, and paying fairly based on mutual respect and trust.

Mind the Cork Creates Well-Crafted Eco-Friendly Cork Homeware

As a result, the process begins with the cork oak woodlands, which are mainly present in Portugal. The trees offer a wildlife habitat and also a healthy ecosystem for animals and plants. What’s best about the project is that no harm to the creation of cork. It is because it doesn’t need to cut down the trees in any way.

Environmentally-friendly homeware

The maker sources the cork from the outer layer of the bark while shaving it away. The tree also responds with the growth of more bark in its regenerative process. This means that it absorbs around three to five times more CO2 compared to unharvested trees. The cork trees are also harvested just after 25 years and around every 10 years after that. It may be a slow procedure, but as the trees are worked to grow cork, they offer myriad advantages to the surrounding environment.

Mind the cork

Hence, Mind the Cork respects the process after harvesting with the production in small batches. It also minimizes wastage while reusing materials whenever desired. While working towards 100-percent plastic-free shipping, the company makes use of recycled cardboard and paper packaging whenever needed. So, no plastic material is present in the creation of these products. It means no harmful product for the environment has been used for its creation.

As per Santo, sustainable designs must be people-friendly and planet-friendly. It will make them considerable to the natural environment. For more information about these sustainable cork homeware, visit the official website.

Mind the cork

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