NotCo Offers AI-Powered Plant-Based Alternative to Milk

February 25, 2022 Accessories Monika Thakur

Many plant-eating consumers are switching from cow milk to almond or oat milk. But these are not clearly recognizable. Probably because it comes from various bad surprises like a coffee show accidentally pouring cow milk in your latter. But what if you could identify your milk on your own? To solve this issue, NotCo has launched NotMilk – a perfect AI-powered plant-based alternative to cow milk.

The company aims at consumers who would like to have dairy and meat products made from plants. However, the taste is not the same as that of cow milk. Even the company’s CEO, Matais Muchnick, mentions that around 60-percent of Americans who are surveyed to buy plant-based milk are not happy with the taste of the product. For those consumers, this plant-based milk alternative is a good choice.

NotCo NotMilk Plant-based alternative to milk
Image: NotCo

Plant-based Alternative To Milk Doesn’t Impact the Environment

The company believes that animal products are harming the planet as well. They are not wrong. But the argument is based on the way how badly the livestock is treated. And, this may have a toxic impact on the environment. Moreover, it consumes various energy and water while stripping off the land of fertile soil.

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As a result, NotMilk offers NotMilk that consists of 100-percent plants. It even has perfect sips, slurps, and froths just like the regular milk that we’re used to consuming. The best thing about this plant-based milk is that it needs less water and energy for production compared to animal milk. Moreover, it cuts down the carbon production too.

NotCo NotMilk Plant-based alternative to milk
Image: NotCo

If you are working for progress, not perfection, the company has crunched certain numbers for making the conversion to plant-based milk very pleasant and rewarding. According to the reports, each NotMilk glass replaces regular milk and saves around 275 gallons of water, 13 pounds of CO2, or 16 kilowatt-hours of energy. The firm aims to make food that tastes similar to animal products you often like to consume. However, the animals are not part of the plant-based food production. This makes the equation, even more, healthier for the environment and the human body.

NotMilk Replicates Plant Molecules

As a result, the company does more than turn nuts into a regular milk substitute. There is not anything wrong with plant-based milk alternatives. But what makes the company stand out is its technology at the products’ foundation. To be precise, the company has created an algorithm to analyze animal products that replicate the design using the same plant-like molecules. Called Giuseppe, the program blends the combination that closely resembles the authentic thing.

Currently, the company is making around 1%, 2%, and Whole NotMilk. All these versions are free of gluten, soy, lactose, GMOs, and cholesterol. The list of the ingredients is on the website. The ingredients include water, pea protein, sunflower oil, dipotassium phosphate, and less than 2% sugar. It even includes pineapple juice concentrate, natural flavor, calcium carbonate, acacia gum, gellan gum, salt, cabbage juice concentrate, vitamin B12, monocalcium phosphate, and vitamin D2.

For more information, visit the company’s official website.

NotCo NotMilk Plant-based alternative to milk
Image: NotCo

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