Bring Home Quirky Elegance With This Ortal Sachs Stone Chair

December 20, 2019 Accessories priyanka Shah

We have always loved clean and elegant decor hinted by one or a couple of statement furniture or decor. This combination not only allows you to play with your imagination but also provides timeless decor to your house. If you resonate with our thought, you are going to love this beautiful Ortal Sachs Stone Chair.

Ortal Sachs Stone Chair

Named ‘Marbella‘, this chair is a unique creation that tends to give an impression of a rough-cut stone. You would be surprised to know that Marbella was a part of Ortal Sach’s final project of industrial design at the Ariel Industry. It is indeed surprising to see, what started off as a study into various materials, transform into such a brilliant piece of art. In doing so, she also created a chair that breaks all the previously held notions of how a chair should look like.

Bring Home Quirky Elegance

Now, coming to its usability, let’s discuss if the chair only looks good or if it is really comfortable. While the entire chair has been made to resemble a concrete stone, Sachs has made it a point to instill lucrative comfort to anyone sitting on it. In order to achieve the same, she developed a silicone-based material that simulates the notion of stone or concrete, but with softness and flexibility. In fact, Sachs had to abide by two project guidelines while making this chair, the second of which said that the end product should look rigid while being exceptionally soft and comforting. After reading user reviews and reading into the project deeply, we can only applaud Sach’s imaginative brilliance.

We are already in awe of this design and await its final modification for the market. What we love the most about this style is that it will suit the temperament of an out-and-out quirky room as well as a subdued and minimalist room. What is your view? Let us know!

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