Purho Chiara Lantern Boasts Nautical Inspiration to Illuminate

April 22, 2020 Lightning Monika Thakur

Designed and contrived by Purho, Chiara Lantern takes a cure from marine life to brighten up any living space with an artistic twist. Boasting nautical-themed design, the lantern is made from brushed brass and Murano glass. It can be easily illuminated with a good LED light source.

Featuring elegant brass frame and base, and Murano glass diffuser, the lamp beautifully illuminates a room in a subtle way. The frosted exterior is created with a traditional mouth-blown technique that was used centuries ago to mold a glass. This frosted surface softens the light and creates a perfect relaxed and warm atmosphere in your room.

This rechargeable light is a perfect piece to add industrial yet creative flair to any given space. Moreover, it’s lantern-shaped portable design enables you to easily carry it to any corner of your house. Whether you want to brighten up your patio, balcony, garden, or bedroom in the evening, this delightful lamp would be a perfect addition to your living space, especially if your house has nautical-influenced decor.

The central band on the glass shade could be highlighted in any color of your choice. You can choose the desired color from Purho’s collection for adding a striking touch. However, to get your hands on this simple nautical lantern, you need to shell a hefty amount – as it’s priced at $1,950. But it’s indeed a small price to pay if you are fascinated by marine life.

Via: Tuvie