Ratio Six Coffee Maker: One Button Brewer for World-Class Joe

April 30, 2020 Kitchen Monika Thakur

If you cannot start your day without a cup of coffee but haven’t found a good coffee maker yet, you need to check out the Ratio Six will give it to you. This one-button coffee machine is designed to stimulate Barista’s movements to prepare ideal water flow during brew and bloom phases.

With its 40-ounce capacity, the coffee maker is easily able to brew enough cups for all adults in a family. If you live alone, you can still enjoy several cups all day without having to start over the whole coffee-making process again.

Two-thirds of American adults love their hot cup of coffee every morning. On average, they drink about three cups of coffee every day that makes it to around 400 million cups of java consumption per day. Although there’s no exact percentage of coffee they drink, you can clearly have an idea about the importance of coffee in the life of most people – not just in India but all over the world.

But to enjoy a great cup of coffee, you also need a good coffee machine like Ratio Six. To use the device, you simply need to add water and coffee grounds into the machine and push the button. And, that’s it!

This meticulous device will immediately kick into action while simulating the popular pour-over technique used by Barista. The hot water is slowly dispersed on the bloom with precision, offering evenly extracted grounds to prepare an excellent cup of joe.

Besides serving you great coffee, the stainless steel profile of this coffee maker is ideal to go with any contemporary countertop. Available in stainless steel and matte black color options, Ratio Six Coffee Maker is priced at $345.

Via: ProductHunt