Remi van Oers Time 2.1 Innovative Clock Shows Time With Two Dots

May 11, 2020 Accessories Monika Thakur

Netherlands-based boutique design studio REMI VAN OERS has come up with an innovative clock that shows time with two simple dots. Dubbed NEWTIME time 2.1, this minimalist clock features two dots of different colors that indicate time. This design has reinvented the way we see time on the clock.

The designs created by Remi Van Oers are sustainable and thoughtful to offer unique experiences to the end-users. This new minimalist clock is made from anodized aluminum, however, its previous version was created using sintered Nylon 11 bioplastic. Time 2.1 has a round shape that’s integrated with a small magnetic stand. But the clock can also be balanced on its own without the stand.

The clock has an orange dot indicator for depicting the hour and the black dot indicates minutes. Plus, the layered face design of the clock makes it easier to recognize time. It is also integrated into a battery that can be removed effortlessly by a single-push movement.

The concept of time is inevitable in our day-to-day lives, as we have adapted ourselves to see time on both digital and analog clocks. But NEWTIME time 2.1 provides us a completely innovative way of time-telling. Meanwhile, it boasts premium material and high-quality construction. The design of this clock strips back the conventional lines and numbers, leaving behind a simple and clean aesthetic that’s completely functional.

Combining unique form and practicality, NEWTIME time 2.1 clock adds a modern touch to this simple clock. Besides offering a unique time-telling experience to the user, this clock in itself is likely to grab the attention of the viewers. You can purchase it for €180 (approx. US $200) through the designer’s official website.

Via: GadgetFlow