This Hidden Corner Shelves are Perfect To Store Kitchen Essentials

December 29, 2021 Kitchen Monika Thakur

The storage is essential for any kitchen, as you don’t want the area to appear cluttered. But the small kitchens don’t have enough space to build cabinets. It is because small areas appear smaller with too many cabinets around. But one Redditor, ReverendRedwine, has come up with hidden corner shelves to store kitchen essentials even in the smallest kitchen.

Under-the-counter shelving unit

The Redditor has created the store shelves next to the stove. This under-the-counter shelving unit is in the shape of pull-out drawers. But the surprise element comes when the drawers are fully pulled out. When these drawers are out, you can slide them and see two more hidden drawers. You can use these hidden drawers to keep your precious items out of reach of intruders. Or simply hide away some cookies from your kids.

Hidden corner shelves are like the blind corner cabinet

When you look for kitchen cabinet designs and corner cabinets, you may come across the term known as ‘blind corner cabinet’. A blind corner cabin is a unit that’s out of sight and not accessible by a cabinet door. In many cases, it offers a better use of limited kitchen storage space. Moreover, it extends beyond the corner and often takes up only the unused space.

The con of a blind corner is that it’s difficult to access the items that are often stored in it. This is because this hidden cabinet has no direct opening to assess it. In we talk about this hidden storage cabinet, you can see that it’s hidden behind two drawers. So, you need to pull out the outer cabins first and then reach the hidden ones.

However, these are good to store some precious items or ingredients that you want to store away from kids. If you also plan to install these hidden corner shelves, you can use them to store seldom-used items. It’s better than not being a storage space for items that you don’t need often.