Mexican Architecture Style To Adopt For Your Home

December 29, 2021 Architecture Monika Thakur

Are you planning to construct a new house? If you’re looking for a distinct exterior design, consider Mexican architecture style. Mexico is a beautiful nation with a distinct architectural style. Their house designs reflect the elegance and aesthetics of their culture and tradition. If you like how their houses look, you can opt for this unique architecture for your home.

In simple words, Mexican houses boast amazing visual aesthetics. Even the modern Mexican urban designs reflect the legacy of stunning colonial architecture. All these architectural designs display their variant materials, colors, and spatial arrangements. Meanwhile, they add historical flavor to the home exterior.

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Here are the four amazing examples of Mexican architecture style. You can consider anyone for your home:

1. Adobe style homes – Mexican architectural style

Mexican Architecture Style

Most Mexican downtown urban sections include modern abode houses. The abode brick constructions have origins coming from Aztec-style architecture. Meanwhile, the regular inhabitants often live in nominal huts. It includes one or two rooms along with simple window openings.

Modern representations of these historical styles are often found along the Caribbean region. Here, the buildings often display multi-level rustic wood trellises and patios. One more distinct feature of these residences is their flat roofs. These roofs boast overextended ‘vigas’. Even the ceiling materials comprise wooden sections. Meanwhile, the flooring is often covered in conventional tiles.

2. The Mexican style house

Mexican Architecture Style

This is a suburban type of home that gives you a better idea of the traditional state of affairs. The modern Mexican style of architecture is the same as the northern American houses. Both designs are similar in terms of amenities and furnishings. But, high-middle-class residents opt for age-old 18th-century houses of Spain. Their houses often show typical stucco or stone walls. These are further complemented with red titled roofs along with arched ceilings.

Even the outer facades of these houses ooze exotic essence. And, it perfectly matches the vibrant color combinations of the rest of the house. You can see them in unbeatable blends of vibrant hues like red, orange, and tangerine. However, the residences include a similar level of amenities modern-styled counterparts.

3. Hacienda style homes of Mexico style architecture

Mexican Architecture Style

You can find Hacienda (estate) style homes all across Mexico. It’s even popular in southwestern regions of the United States. These are archetypal with low heights, as well as expansive plans. These buildings are further accompanied by huge compounds. Moreover, these properties further boast large brick fireplaces, cobblestone-floored patios, etc.

These buildings even have central spaces around which there’s a low-leveled building. When it comes to planning, the spatial zones often separate from one another. These consist of family rooms with detached utility spaces, like kitchens.

4. Spanish style Mexican villas

Mexican Architecture Style

Lastly, here are the stunning Spanish villas. You can see these massive mansions in good games and movies. These are one of those massive homes that one often dreams of living in. If you’ve got enough money, you can spend those on this exquisite Mexican-style home. This house itself has an origin from colonial times. At that time Spanish settlers replicated the Mexican architectural style.

As you can imagine, this architectural design boasts spread-out construction. It harks back to the white stucco walls along with red-tiled roofing. Meanwhile, the buildings have intricate windows to showcase their elegant big arches. The entrance doors of these houses nod to the estates with a flurry of fountains. At times, these mansions have a central courtyard. These courtyards include colorful flowers and green plants around cobblestone walls.

So, these are the amazing designs to choose from Mexican architecture style. You can consider these for your home and enjoy the grandeur that comes with each style.