Un-Lim Modular Furniture Can Be Rearranged Like Lego Projects

May 22, 2020 Furniture Monika Thakur

A flexible lifestyle is a need for a modern lifestyle. It’s amazing to see so many minimalist yet functional furniture pieces that can be changed as per the needs of the users. Keeping the changing needs of modern homeowners in mind, Un-Lim Furniture Collection is designed to switch its form to meet your needs rather than investing in new pieces for different requirements.

Created by designer Ariyan Davoodian, this modular furniture also helps in saving the environment by encouraging people to limit their consumption patterns. With this furniture collection that can be readjusted as per one’s changing requirements, the unnecessary need to buy new furniture will be reduced. It also enables users to be creative and redesign different furniture pieces, like Lego projects.

The timeless furniture collection can be molded and recreated over time. This means you can redesign your furniture using different pieces to create a completely new form and function. The unit comes with eight different parts that can be combined to match your interior and needs. For instance, you can easily turn it from a table to a bed to a chair effortlessly.

The designer wanted this furniture to have a long-lasting relationship with it while making it part of different areas of your home. This way homeowners can also think creatively to design different furniture units while reducing waste and saving natural resources. It also teaches consumers to be satisfied with what they already have instead of looking for new products every year or so.

Via: Designboom