Up And Go Lifting Cushion: Helping Seniors Become More Independent

November 6, 2019 Accessories priyanka Shah

It is often thought that a person becomes dependent on others with age and seniority. Although nowadays we pre-plan our old-age well, there are some avenues where a person tends to need help. For example, while getting up from a resting position, more often than not, aid is required. Blame it on knee-pain or excruciating back pain. Now, while these conditions are a part and parcel of old age in modern times, you can now get up from your resting position alone without any help. All the courtesy goes to the innovative auto-lifting cushion called Up and Go.

Up And Go Lifting Cushion

A portable lifting cushion, Up and Go helps anyone experiencing difficulty in transitioning from rest to standing position and vice versa with ease. It is basically a soft portable cushion that makes use of a spring and hydraulic rod that releases or compresses with the user wanting to sit or stand respectively.

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The auto-lifting cushion’s non-slip base is perfect to be attached to any kind of surfaces – rough chairs, soft sofas and even over cushions. The cushion is further adjustable to the specific amount of lift that you may require to stand up.

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The most unique feature of this cushion is that it can lift up to 300 lbs. So, even if one is one the heavier side, there is no shying away from using this cushion. Further to ensure maximum comfort to the users, be it an elderly person or someone coping with injuries, the cushion uses densely packed padded foam seat. This genial formula virtually takes away 80% of the user’s body weight while standing up.

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Priced at $49.95, the Up and Go cushion is definitely worth a purchase – not only for the senior citizens but for anyone experiencing knee or back injuries or ailments. You can find the same at Oddity Mall shopping site.