Aero Portable Heath-Focused Air Monitoring Device for Urbanites

June 1, 2020 Accessories Monika Thakur

Designed by Aj Choudhury, the conceptual Aero portable air quality monitoring device is perfect for people who live in urban cities. Since air pollution is a big global concern for today’s modern world with 80% of pollution levels over the healthy limit, such devices could be helpful to resolve this issue.

Aero aims to collect the information or report outdoor air quality while encouraging public awareness of pollution in the air around them. This device continuously works to monitor pollutants, including volatile chemicals and major particulate matter. It will also communicate its findings to all users through the color-changing LED ring. The users may even get more insights about air quality data through the accompanying mobile app.

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Choudhury explains that on wearing this device, it will create an overall reading of surrounding air quality. After updating for a while, its LED ring will also display a specific color rating from light green to deep red, according to the quality of air around you. The color will be visible to the wearer and others around them, offering a quick general understanding of the air quality without the proactive interaction from users.

You may even use a mobile app and real-time air pollution map for more detailed information regarding air quality within your immediate surroundings. In the areas of higher pollution, Aero can pulse and vibrate to warn the user and the mobile app provides specific instructions on what you must do. This way, Aero can enable users to make well-informed and educated decisions on whether or not they should wear a face mask while following their daily routine, commuting, or exercising.

Via: Tuvie