Akamai Smart Bottle Comes With Color LED Display & Pomodoro Timer

August 19, 2022 Accessories Monika Thakur

Akamai is the smartest water bottle available on the market today. This smart bottle boasts plenty of technical features, such as a colored LED display, a companion phone application, and a Pomodoro timer. Using the smartphone app, you can easily track the performance of the bottle itself, as well as the smartphone.

Akamai Smart Water Bottle Display

The smart water bottle boasts a customized LED touch screen. It further tracks the water intake throughout the day with a slight vibration to alert you to take a sip for staying hydrated. It is also thermally insulated and helps to keep water perfectly chilled.

akamai water bottle
Image: Kickstarter

This water bottle even provides you with an easy way to control your drinking habits. For this new project, the installments are easily available at a special price of approx. £80 to £59 (as per the current exchange rates).

Durable Stainless Steel Bottle With Advanced Features

This smart bottle has durable stainless steel with six times more protection. Hence, it can maintain stable water temperature for as long as you want. The smart bottle even has the Pomodoro Focus Timer, which is a time blocking feature to help you become more efficient while studying or working. This particular feature even sends a better reminder between the focus blocks. This way you can stay hydrated while working and remind yourself to set more goals for the next 25-minute block.

Once the focus block gets over, this bottle lights up vibrates with the hydration reminder, and has a 5 minute rest period.

Currently on Kickstarter

Akamai’s makers are currently seeking funds to meet the target goal to execute the project smoothing. The worldwide shipping is expected to be around April 2022. For learning more about the smart water bottle, you can check out the promotional video given below.

You can further download the Akamai smartphone app (which is available on both Android and iOS). Hence, you can turn its features on/off, add your own images to the screen saver, see hydration reminders while meeting drinking goals, use the Pomodoro timer, and more.

For staying inspired for the long day at work, you can customize the bottle cap with personal quotes or photos. With a creative and personal touch, you can enjoy living a healthy life in a better way.

If you want to back the project and help the makers reach the production phase, you can pledge for AU$ 10 (approx. US $7). For more information about the smart water bottle, visit the crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.

Via: GeekyNews