Cabbage Leaf Lampshades? Maverick Nir Meiri Makes It Possible!

December 10, 2019 Home Decor priyanka Shah

A great lamp can literally make or break your home decor. In a number of our articles, we have vouchsafed for the importance of great lamp “Cabbage Leaf Lampshades”. For us, a lamp not only has to emit the perfect ambient light but also must look unique. So, when we saw this magnificent creation by maverick designer studio Nir Meiri, we were smitten just at the first look.

Cabbage Leaf Lampshades

This lamp, made of red cabbage leaves, is a result of a tie-up between the London-based studio and Indian ace designer Vaidehi Thakkar. Now, if you think what use a mere cabbage leaf can be off, you would be surprised to see the intricate pattern created naturally on to the lampshade (the cabbage leaf) as soon as the light is lit. We would have perhaps never known the artistry of a leaf created by the busy network of veins had it not been this lamp.

Named as the ‘Veggie Lights’, this series has two distinct lamps – the one which has a more rugged appeal, and the other one where the leaves have been shaped off to present a more elegant version. Talking about this unique concept, Meiri told Dezeen,

The design itself was a long process of prototyping and understanding how the light will render this material in the best way….. The final object was a table lamp that gives the material the main stage while keeping the overall design elegant and sleek.

Thakkar’s contribution to this design came in the form of preserving this perishable lamp cover. According to her, the “fiber flats” “Cabbage Leaf Lampshades” were created by separating and soaking the leaves in an antifungal solution and drying them until they become thinner, almost like a paper.

Both these lamps from the collection are unique. However, if you ask us, we would definitely vouch for the uncut version for its rugged appeal. What would you go for?