Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in 2021

September 20, 2021 Home Decor Monika Thakur

Thanksgiving day is one of the popular American holidays. It is majorly celebrated in the United States, where it falls every fourth Thursday in November.

Not just a holiday, this day is an important part of the US’s culture. It is because it marks the beginning of the holiday season that also includes Christmas and New Year.

Earlier, Thanksgiving day originated as a fun harvest festival. But it is now celebrated as a day for thanking for all our perceived blessings. While this special day is mainly associated with the United States, it is also celebrated in Canada (on the second Monday of October. Similar holidays are also celebrated in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

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However, in many parts of the world, Thanksgiving day is well-known for its significance to American culture. Generally, people know about this day to give thanks and enjoy a delicious dinner including turkey. But what else do we know?

Origin of Thanksgiving

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving day history in the United States dates back to 1621 and is commonly called the First Thanksgiving. The Pilgrim Fathers, a troop of European settlers from the Plymouth Colony (which is now the popular state of Massachusetts), used to celebrate it first.

They celebrated the first harvest every year and this marked the occasion along with a lavish three-day fest. The fest ws also attended by Native Americans. Many people believe that the Pilgrims started celebrating this festival after the influence of similar celebrations in Europe.

Later, other colonies starting celebrating this day to thank God for their blessings. In 1789, a proclamation by George Washington made Thanksgiving day a national celebration and a federal holiday. After that, Abraham Lincoln in 1863 decided to celebrate this harvest festival every fourth Thursday of November.

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in 2021

Well, if you’re from the U.S., you don’t need any instruction on how to celebrate this special day of the year. But after the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 most people living alone couldn’t get to meet their families for Thanksgiving. If they did, they had to plan only for an indoor Thanksgiving either alone or with a few family members.

But in 2021, again we can celebrate this occasion in full spirit with our families and friends. However, if you’re living in regions where lockdown is persisting, you need to look for certain ways to celebrate this day within the permitted guidelines of your government.

Nonetheless, here we have some simple yet fun ways to help you make your Thanksgiving day 2021 very special.

Refresh it With Outdoor Friends’ Fest

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in 2021

You can take an initiative to begin some new traditions of gatherings. You may include some outdoor activity or sport on your Thanksgiving day. For instance, you may arrange for a ‘no-touch hide and seek. Keep wearing masks and maintain social distancing while enjoying the activities.

Working for months on laptops and interacting on Zoom calls, we are sure you must be feeling tired of online meetings. So, spend this day doing some outdoor activities. And, say no to electronic devices at least for this day. We’re certain you’ll love to play this activity with your friends and family, as it will bring a refreshing change to your routine.

Virtual Happy Hours

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day in 2021

Surely, you are feeling tired of sitting at home for months. But rather than being in your house lounging attires of joggers or sweats, just take things up a notch. You can ask everyone at home to get dressed up in something special. If some family members are missing or live far away, invite them for a virtual glass to cheers. You can stay connected with them through the screens on the holiday.

New Dishes on Special Day

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Besides traditional turkey, do try some new thanksgiving dishes. Start a new tradition of serving something unique on Thanksgiving. For instance, make something that your family is not used of having on this holiday. It will be a surprise element of your special Thanksgiving dinner.

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor, or virtual Thanksgiving, take a moment to be grateful for whatever and whosoever are with you. We know that after 2020 celebrations are no longer the same. It is because many of us have to deal with heath, employment, and financial hardships. So, finding a correct way to connect with everyone is an important reminder to show your support to all. Meanwhile, you’ll give each other a message to stay together.

Happy Thanksgiving Day All!