Can’t Open The Tap With Dirty Hands? Switch To The Delta Voice Activated Faucet

December 17, 2019 Home Appliances priyanka Shah

Often while baking or cooking, our hands become so busy that opening a faucet seems like an uphill task. We are sure it happens to you as well. But, all these are passe for Delta’s new innovation will keep you sorted. Delta’s newest technology comes in the form of Delta Voice Activated Faucet, to which you can drop commands and it will turn on or off automatically.

The Delta Voice Activated Faucet

Delta Voice Activated Faucet

Named as Trinsic Voice-Activated Faucet, Delta’s superior technology even enables this little gem to be compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google-Assistant enabled services. Not just turning on or off, you can even instruct it to dispense an exact amount, and it will do so. If you wish to have warm water, you can ask it, and it will dispense just that. What’s more interesting is that you can customize commands so that the Trinsic Faucet can attend to your personalized needs. This amazing feature makes daily chores and tasks such as filling a coffee pot, a dog bowl, a watering can, etc much swifter. “Google, ask Delta to fill the coffee mug for me!” Just say this, and you shall be good to go. Yes, it’s that easy!

Best Delta Voice Activated Faucet

Top Delta Voice Activated Faucet 2020

To make your task all the easier, Delta Voice Activated Faucet has packed this faucet with yet another brilliant feature. The feature is a capacitative touch. This essentially means that in order to turn it on, you just have to touch it – anywhere. This is especially helpful when you are busy doing your chores or cooking or baking, and your hands are too messy to turn on the faucet yourself.

Best Delta Voice Activated Faucet for you

Did you say you already own a new Delta and do not want to change it so soon despite wanting the new voice feature? Well, Delta has thought about you as well and has come up with an attachment that enables the VoiceIQ technology on the Delta Touch2O faucets manufactured after January 1, 2018. So, stop sulking and get your new voice faucet today!