Dyson’s $650 Lightcycle Morph Lamp Promises To Serve You For 60 Years

January 31, 2020 Home Appliances priyanka Shah

Never the average electronics brand to surrender to normalcy, Dyson’s brand new lamp is here to seek plenty of attention and erase other new innovations. Named the Lightcycle Morph, this swanky little lamp comes with the ability to assume a range of positions and give off various kinds of light. In fact, this innovative little lamp is capable of automatically adjusting its color temperature in response to the various times of the day. Albeit, such a fascinating discovery will weigh you down by a hefty sum, but it comes with the promise to last you for 60 years (almost a lifetime).

Dyson’s $650 Lightcycle Morph Lamp

This newly launched lamp from Dyson is based on the Dyson Lightcycle task light that the company came out with last year and carries over the ability to mimic shifts in natural light by adjusting its brightness and color temperature. The lamp does so on the basis of the user’s location and sets warm and cool-toned LEDs based on whether it is morning or evening.

Dyson’s $650 Lightcycle Morph Lamp

Coming to its manufacture, this multitasking lamp can be used both as an indirect light as well as a task light. The former style bounces the light off the ceiling to create a hearty ambiance whereas the latter has been specifically made to reduce strain on the eye and is generally used as a reading or writing light. Then there are the feature light mode and the Ambient mode. Feature light mode turns it upward again to illuminate a piece of art, while Ambient mode lights up the stem in a warm comforting glow with little blue light.

Dyson’s $650 Lightcycle Morph Lamp

So, although the lamp is pretty heavy on the pocket ($650), it is indeed a one-of-a-kind purchase. Besides, Dyson’s brilliant manufacture and creativity are always a must-have in any home. Do let us know if you will be purchasing this Lightcycle Morph!

Via: Dyson