gsTree by Greenscreen: 3D Trellising System Forms Tree-Like Shape

January 19, 2022 Outdoor Monika Thakur

Have a look at gsTree by Greenscreen. It is the latest award-winning product design by the company. This project consists of the standard 3D welded wire trellis panels that are being formed into a freestanding shape of a tree. The panels are easy to assemble from the ground on a supporting column that directs the plant growth to its overhead panels. When vegetated, the gsTree provides privacy, creates shade, as well as mitigates views as a centerpiece with nature. Overall, it’s a perfect 3D trellising system that forms a tree-like shape that grows and spreads with ease. The growing plants can reach up to the height of 10-feet.

Easy-to-Install 3D Trellising System

Created for ease of installation, various parts offered by Greenscreen can assemble in a field. Generally, it comes with a height of 10-feet but you can also request other height options. The plant information and the details for planting are all available on the company’s website.

gsTree by Greenscreen is 3D Trellising System Forms Tree-Like Shape-2
Image: Greenscreen

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You can get this trellising system in certain standard finishes that include bronze, black, green, terra, silver, and white. Even you can request specific custom colors as per your choice. Since gsTree has a wide variety of uses, it’s perfect for you to define walkways and streetscapes. Using these 3D panels in the shape of trees, you can add points of interest to any hardscaped area. It can also be used to add shelter to certain venues with seating. You can consider adding Greenscreen gsTree to any desired space for adding natural biophilic elements to any urban project.

Create Your Own Trees

The basic purpose of the gsTree’s three-dimensional shapes is to enable plant installations like trees down a city sidewalk. It enables people to create their own trees using their favorite plants in a garden, public sidewalks, or an entire park.

gsTree by Greenscreen is 3D Trellising System Forms Tree-Like Shape-2
Image: Greenscreen

What’s best about this gsTree trellis is that it lets you create different ways to use low-lying plants for forming an overhead shade. The trellis even lets you form private fencing to fill up overhead or vertical spaces.

Kory Levoy, President of Greenscreen, said,

I believe that our organization and product offerings provide a framework for architects, designers, and contractors to realize their vision and see it come to life, all while taking into consideration the environment and budgetary demands. We are an organization whose focus is on sustainable growth, and on doing things the right way.

Perfect For Residential or Public Spaces

The city parks can also use the gsTree for creating year-round installations in the shape of unique sculptures that bloom in spring. The biophilic designs are not new to the world. But the Greenscreen gsTree offers you new design options for public pavilions, hardscapes, or home gardenscapes. You can have a look at the images shared in this post to imagine how these tree-like 3D panels would elevate the whole look of a city or a home garden.

gsTree by Greenscreen is 3D Trellising System Forms Tree-Like Shape-2
Image: Greenscreen

Do you have a garden that requires an arbor? Want to make a living shelter for your garden bench? Or want to add an element of interest to a cityscape? The gsTree is perfect to grant all your biophilic wishes.

Via: Inhabitat