Lull World Hammock Workstation Lets Freelancers Work While Relaxing

December 24, 2021 Accessories Monika Thakur

What does a freelance worker needs? A relaxing, comfortable, and quiet place for work. This is what you get from the Lull World Hammock Workstation. It’s designed keeping in mind the mobile ergonomics while letting freelancers do their job without feeling back pain. This remote work solution is the creation of Yurii Cegla, a Ukrainian product designer. The best thing about this hammock-style workstation is that it lets you stay comfortably in one position for long periods.

Portable hammock workstation with folding frame

Even when you’re working, this portable workstation offers you the pleasure of working from anywhere. It is because you can place it at the home, office, yard, or beachside.

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This hammock workstation comes with its own folding frame, which is super comfortable due to its zero dynamic gravity positioning. Just because of the position of the frame, this workstation’s seat enables you to shift pressure from the lower back to the whole body. Meanwhile, you can move the muscles during long sitting hours.

workstation hammock
Image: Kickstarter

The basic set of this workstation consists of a hammock and two pockets. The iron frame supports this hammock and a bag. Moreover, you can add some interesting features to it, like integrated mosquito and sun protection, lighting, and laptop holders. It even includes consoles for drinks, as well as for computer mice. Besides that, this premium workstation even includes a power bank and a proper heating system. Even two console tables are present abreast on its solid stainless steel platform beside a foot holder for relaxing your feet.

Price & Availability

The elegant hammock workstation is perfect to set up at any desired location. Presently, this project is getting crowd-funded on Kickstarter. You can get the Lull World hammock chair for an early bird price of around $499. If the makers successfully raise the needed pledge amount, its worldwide shipping is expected to take place around March 2022.

For now, you can check out the hammock workstation’s promotional video to know about it.

workstation hammock
Image: Kickstarter
Image: Kickstarter

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