MOSSLEEP Temperature Regulating Duvet Gives You Sound Sleep With It’s Unique Features

March 5, 2020 Accessories Monika Thakur

In today’s stressful life, there are so many factors that worsen your sleep, such as stress, workload, eating habits, uncomfortable mattress, etc. While you cannot handle all these issues in one go, but one thing that you can do to improve your sleep is to invest in the MOSSLEEP Temperature Regulating Duvet.

This is a premium-grade duvet that helps in maintaining regulating perfect sleep temperature. Meanwhile, it also nourishes your skin with natural Vitamin E all night long – as you sleep. This innovative duvet is made from Lyocell, using an environmentally-friendly and patented procedure to fuse active substances (Vitamin E & micro-composite heat accumulators) within the cellulose matrix.

MOSSLEEP Temperature Regulating Duvet

This manufacturing process makes sure that the functional fibers have positive benefits on the user’s body even after washing the fabric. Vitamin E within the Lyocell fibers in the outer shell will release during the entire lifetime of the duvet. This further enhances the number of benefits. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that captures free radicals, repair and regenerates damaged skin cells, reduces UV damage on the skin, and also provide anti-aging regulation properties to the skin.

If you are awoken by feeling hot, your brain thinks it’s time to get up as your body associates warmth or heat with activity. However, if you’re awoken by feeling cold, you’re body will react to get moving to warm up. Either way, temperature shifts make it difficult to attain deep sleep. This means that your body won’t get the amount of rest that it needs to help you feel energetic and refreshed the next morning.

MOSSLEEP Temperature Regulating Duvet

But all thanks to certified and patented Phase Change Material fiber innovation, which is integrated into the duvet, you can easily sleep at the right temperature your body needs to attain deep sleep. The smart fibers within the duvet are made from organically grown eucalyptus trees and make use of an advanced fiber spinning process for embedding paraffin within the Lyocell that further creates micro-composite heat accumulators. This means your body will start producing enough heat to keep you warm and comfy throughout the night.

If you want to improve your sleep quality, you need to pledge for Pledge £100 or more to pre-order your starter set on Kickstarter. The pre-orders are available at a huge discount for a limited time, so hurry. Since the MOSSLEEP Temperature Regulating Duvet has successfully surpassed its initial target, it will soon reach its production phase and you can expect the delivery by September 2020.

MOSSLEEP Temperature Regulating Duvet

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