Teâshí Coffee Table Goes From Furniture into Sculptural Art

June 10, 2020 Furniture Monika Thakur

Designed to function like a normal furniture piece, this vibrant and sculptural Teâshí Coffee Table by Edenic Design can add a color blast into any dull interior. The colorful table has been named after the Japanese word for “limb” and if you look closely, it might appear like a colored limb to you.

The base of the table rises from ground level with limbs that seem like fingers, veins, lighting bolts, or branches – depending on how you want to see this one-of-a-kind coffee table design. The design studio has created only 100 of these creative coffee tables. Each piece honors authenticity and creativity, leading to its unique silhouette.

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Besides the intriguing structure, this table is created with the intent of the artistic collaboration with Montreal artist Callen Schaub, who took its design to the next level with the three-dimensional canvases. The swirling colors of the table appear to be moving around the base.

It’s amazing how the artist has combined spray painting and gestural painting with brushes and squeegees on this 3D surface, which results in a striking dark comic-like finish along with fluorescent oranges and dark blues.

It is further treated with special Callen Schaub Teashi 1 (CST1) treatment to turn the mere furniture unit into sculptural art. Sadly, this particular table is sold to a private collector, Schaub and Edenic Design will be creating made-to-order pieces for the potential clients. For more information, visit the designer’s website.

Via: DesignMilk