When is Yom Kippur 2022?

September 9, 2022 Tutorial Monika Thakur

Wondering when is Yom Kippur 2022? Before knowing that, let’s find out what it is. In Hebrew, Yom Kippur is referred to as the “Day of Atonement.” The ten days of High Holidays, or “Days of Awe,” which start with Rosh Hashanah, end with this holiday. It is the holiest Jewish celebration of the year. Jewish tradition dictates that from sunset on the evening before Yom Kippur until nightfall the following day, all adults must observe a fast.

This day is to pray to God and request to pardon sins, thinking back on past transgressions, embracing repentance, and praying. With fasting, people believe that it’s easier to cleanse and purify body. Many people will dress entirely in white as a way to represent purity.

Numerous customary prayers are mandatory on Yom Kippur itself. One of the most significant prayers describes the old atonement ceremony carried out by high priests. A single blow made on the shofar, a trumpet constructed from a ram’s horn, marks the end of Yom Kippur.

When Is Yom Kippur 2022?

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Yom Kippur falls ten days after Rosh Hashanah (or on the 10th day of Tishrei). It is the Jewish New Year. Keep in mind that the Jewish calendar differs from the current civil calendar (the Gregorian calendar). It is a “Luni-Solar” calendar, meaning that the lengths of the days fluctuate according to the seasons. Often the hours of sunset, nightfall, dawn, and sunrise help in determining the exact day of the celebrations.

This year, Yom Kippur is on the evening of October 5, 2022.

Yom Kippur Traditions

Yom Kippur is related to a variety of customs.

Fasting Day

In place of feasts on this holiest of religious days, they fast. However, before the fasting, people have to consume two customary meals. One Rosh Hashanah, it’s customary to dip round challah bread into honey before both meals. At dusk, a 25-hour fast without food or water “afflicts the soul.” Fasting encourages believers to pause from their regular activities and return their attention to prayer and spiritually communing with God.

Attend services in Synagogue

On Yom Kippur, there are numerous synagogue services. In addition to prayers and readings from the unique prayerbook, the Machzor, people also sing songs and practice religious ceremonies. In the morning service, people read passages from Deuteronomy. On the other hand, they read passages from Genesis and Leviticus in the evening. These practices remind them to be king and loving to people around the. The Holy Day services and fasting conclude with a single, prolonged blow of the Shofar (a ram’s horn).

It Is Traditional to Wear White

On Yom Kippur, everyone is expected to dress in white. On Yom Kippur, the men frequently don a Kittel, a white, robe-like garment. It is believed to resemble an angel, the robe of the high priest, and a casket. White urges all in attendance that they should praise God like the angels. White also represents the temporary nature of life on earth and the forgiveness and spiritual purification they are praying for. Wearing white conveys a modest understanding of the need to confess one’s sins and ask God for pardon. In their prayers, they express optimism as they recall how God pardoned the children of Israel for their idolatry in the time of Moses.

Breaking the Fast

Yom Kippur customs: Salmon, avocado, hummus, and quail eggs on a bagel smeared with cream cheese on a rustic breakfast table.

After the final Yom Kippur service, many people gather at home for a joyous feast with their loved ones. Various foods are typically consumed, although baked breakfast items are frequently among them.

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We requested friends to share their customary Yom Kippur food to break the fast:

  • To break the fast, people serve lighter meal such as tuna fish, whitefish salad, blintzes, egg soufflé, or bagels with cream cheese and lox.
  • With bagels and Nova, people traditionally break the fast (lox). Always!When the kids were little we went to a friend’s home. They also have a huge guest list with the most incredible dairy spread. Everywhere they go, they have carried their custom with them.
  • The day before Yom Kippur is for eating and getting ready for this holy day and the fasting. Before the fast, there are numerous things to do, such as eating a pre-fast meal called the seudah ha-mafaseket (also known as the “meal of separation” or “concluding meal”), lighting candles, giving to charities, and asking for and getting honey cake, which brings good fortune for a sweet year.

What Is The Correct Greetings For Yom Kippur 2022?

G’mar Hatima Tova, or G’mar Tov (which means “May you be sealed in the Book of Life”), is the traditional greeting for Yom Kippur. Have a meaningful fast before the holiday, it is also common to say.