When is Thanksgiving 2022, 2023 and Further

September 13, 2022 Tutorial Monika Thakur

The winter is approaching fast, so it means we have to start preparing for turkey and lovely family time. But when is Thanksgiving 2022, 2023 and Further. You need to mark your calendar for the festive time in advance. Also, ask your loved ones what would they love to have on a Thanksgiving menu this year.

In this blog post, we explain the day it falls on this year as well as some interesting things about how it got to be that day. The back story is also interesting to everyone who enjoys a good reason to celebrate; you don’t need to be an expert on history to do so.

When is Thanksgiving 2022?

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The fourth Thursday of the month happens on November 24, 2022, this year. Thanksgiving happens at the same time every month for a reason, and that reason is based on Thanksgiving’s past. The tale began in 1939 when Franklin Roosevelt decided slightly buck tradition in the name of the business.

Why is Thanksgiving always on the fourth Thursday in November?

Since Abraham Lincoln’s time, Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of each month. TIME notes that 1939’s calendar was unique in that there were five Thursdays as opposed to four because the month began on a Wednesday.

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President Roosevelt shifted the national holiday to the second-to-last Thursday of the month in an attempt to regain some order (a change that many were unhappy with). Roosevelt tried to defend his choice with a pro-shopping argument rather than focusing on the drawbacks: retailers would now have a holiday later in the season to allow for more time for shopping. This, in a sense, gave rise to the Black Friday shopping frenzy about 80 years ago.

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The permanent shift occured the following year (1940), when the second-to-last Thursday in November (Nov. 21) was designated as Thanksgiving Day. He acknowledged the error of the changeover in 1941, but it was too late to reverse it since the calendars had already been produced designating the third Thursday as Thanksgiving Day.

Roosevelt signed a bill making Thanksgiving Day fall on the fourth Thursday of November, regardless of whether it is the last Thursday of the month, as 1941 came to a close. This was the final permanent change.

This Thanksgiving, only one thing is certain: the day it will fall. Prepare yourself for the thrill of grandma’s renowned Thanksgiving dessert, which this year has an additional fun fact that you may share as you enjoy a slice (or two or three). With a little more knowledge about Thanksgiving, here’s to enjoying your favorite side dishes like mashed potatoes, stuffing, and others!

Thanksgiving Day 2023 will be on Thursday, November 23, 2023.

Future Thanksgiving Day Dates

When is Thanksgiving Day 2024?

Thanksgiving Day 2024 will be on Thursday, November 28, 2024

When is Thanksgiving Day 2025?

Thanksgiving Day 2025 will be on Thursday, November 27, 2025

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Thanksgiving Day 2026 will be on Thursday, November 26, 2026

When is Thanksgiving Day 2027?

Thanksgiving Day 2027 will be on Thursday, November 25, 2027

When is Thanksgiving Day 2028?

Thanksgiving Day 2028 will be on Thursday, November 23, 2028

When is Thanksgiving Day 2029?

Thanksgiving Day 2029 will be on Thursday, November 22, 2029