10 Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas to Pamper Everyone

November 19, 2021 Bathroom Monika Thakur

When it comes to selecting gifts for everyone, we always think of things related to the preference of the giftee or simply some home decor item. But bathroom gift ideas are often overlooked. However, this is one area where people spend most of their time cleansing or rejuvenating. So, this place should be equally pleasant as the rest of your home.

There is a lot of potentials to turn your regular bathroom into a sanctuary, where people would love to unwind from the stress of daily lives. That’s why we have curated a list of 10 practical bathroom gift ideas to pamper your loved ones.

Have a look!

Bath bombs – Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

bathroom gift ideas for christmas

Buy: Copia Bath Bombs

For bath lovers out there, a fun bath bomb pack is one perfect gift item to make their bathing time lively and colorful. It often comes in various shapes, scents, colors, and more options to choose from.

If we look at the pack shown in the image above, it comes with two lavender, two rose, and two eucalyptus bombs. All you need to do is simply drop these bombs in your tub while filling it with water. So, you can find peace and balance while relaxing and enjoying your bath.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buy: CINEYO Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

A bath caddy tray is one of the great bathroom ideas for any type of bath. A wooden one is a safe option to pick, as it goes with almost all bathroom styles. However, you can even choose any other option, as per the bathroom aesthetic of the giftee. These caddies are good for holding candles, drinks, books, and tablets – or anything you need at the time of a bath.

You can even attach it to your shower area or hook it over to the shower door or wall by drilling. So, while showering you don’t have to bend down to reach your shower gel.

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The pictured bath caddy is specially designed for fitting most bathtubs. All you need to do is just slide the handles and adjust them as per the desirable width. So, no special tools or skills are required. This luxury tray consists of durable and high-quality bamboo and is covered in a protective waterproof coat of varnish.

Bathroom Wall Decor – Bathroom Gift Ideas For Christmas

Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buy: 3D Art Wall Decor Seashells Starfish

These are the most common bathroom wall art pieces that you can hang on the bathroom wall for some coastal vibes. It’s also one of the pleasing bathroom gift ideas for Christmas. You can hang them on the wall next to your washbasin, bathtub, or shower area.

Adding such calming decor to your bathroom will make any interior more inviting and interesting. Plus, you will be reminded of a fairy tale that includes seashells, starfishes, a mermaid, and other coastal creatures.

So, gift this beach scene wall art piece to deck up any bathroom and impress the users. Meanwhile, your interior will enhance the overall style while adding visual appeal to the given space.

Fake Plants For Bathroom Decor

bathroom gift ideas for christmas

Buy: Svenee Mini Artificial Plants

Add life into your loved ones’ bathroom with a green, bright plant. You can look for some specific plants that thrive in the bathroom or simply get a fake plant for your bathroom. These look super cute and are available in various sizes and shapes. However, we have these round faux plant pots that can be used to decorate any area of your home.

If you have someone in your life who likes plants but cannot take out time to keep the real ones, gifting them this faux plant is a great option. Besides the bathroom, they can keep it on a bookshelf, bathroom shelf, nightstand, living room mantle, dining room, coffee table centerpieces, kitchen, cabinet, window ledge, foyer, kitchen, desk, or any other place you like.

Bathroom Towel Set – Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buy: Welhome Franklin Bathroom Towel Set

Whether they have shifted to a new place or looking for a fresh set of towels, a matching towel set is one of the practical bathroom gift ideas for your loved ones. Either hang them on a heated towel rail or a robe hook or open shelves in a bathroom, these matching towels will look great in any color scheme of your interior.

You can choose the bath mat, bath towel, hand towel, and face flannel, or any other as per your choice. No matter what color you choose, these matching towels will please any giftee.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buy: HOTT S602 Portable Shower Bluetooth Speaker

If you have any music lovers in your house, they are likely to love a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Since it is waterproof, you don’t have to worry about getting it damaged. The HOTT S602 shower speaker comes integrated with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Hence, it offers faster pairing, signal transmission, and a more stable consistent connection.

The Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in, rechargeable Li-ion 1000mAh battery that plays music for up to 10 hours. There is also an LCD screen of the wireless speaker to display volume, time, FM channel, and power. Furthermore, the IPX4 water-resistant casing can survive accidental splashes at bathrooms, pools, beaches, boat trips, and camping.

LED Toilet Light – Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

bathroom gift ideas for christmas

Buy: Toilet Night Lights

Here is one of the amazing yet practical bathroom gift ideas for Christmas. You can illuminate your toilet with this LED light. These sit perfectly under the rim of any toilet set and lights up in the dark due to its sensor. It would be a fun gift item for anyone, including kids’ bathroom – as they would be happy seeing the changing colors of this LED light.

Its superior motion detection technology can detect movements within the range of 5-feet. This also turns to nightlight automatically. Further, it can turn off after around 128 seconds when it doesn’t detect motion. Hence, battery life is also prolonged. The dual sensors of the device work together and the LED light turns on whenever it detects motion.

This toilet light comes with 16 colors that work on a rotation or as a solid color via one control button. It also has 170-degrees coverage that makes it detect the movement at a wider angle compared to globowl lights that can reach around 120 degrees or less.

Hair Towel – Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buy: Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

For anyone who has long hair, a special hair towel is the best gift. It is because such hair towels are specifically designed for keeping hair healthy and also reducing the drying time. These are often made with micro-fiber, bamboo, and satin materials.

So, between your heat styling and that rough friction of drying hair with regular cotton towels, hair will remain protected from the beating. This particular hair towel is the result of proper research and effort on designing it to be gentler on hair, especially when it’s wet and most vulnerable.

This hair towel is amazing to paper the hair follicles with its plush, soft microfiber material that’s highly absorbent. So, it reduces your hair styling time and exposure to heat damage.

Natural Soaps – Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

bathroom gift ideas for christmas

Buy: Amish Farms Natural Bar Soap

Another important bathroom gift idea to consider is good natural soap. When the soap bars consist of natural materials, these are likely to be gentle on your skin. The best thing about these natural soaps is that they are also available in the custom option. It means the makers can customize them as per the preference of the users.

So, make the giftee experience the smooth healing silky smooth experience of lathering the soothing bar while giving the skin a refreshing experience. This pack is also a gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free soap pack. So, there are no parabens, soap scum, sulfate, or phthalate.

The calming blend of the improved Amish family recipe gives the users a gentle experience even to sensitive or problematic skin types.

Bathrobe – Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Bathroom Gift Ideas for Christmas

Buy: Ekouaer Women Bathrobe

After enhancing the look of your bathroom with different decor pieces and practical items, you also need something to wear on your way in and out of the bathroom. A bathrobe with leopard print is one important bathroom accessory that will keep you warm and cozy before and after the bath.

It is a comfortable long bathrobe, featuring 3/4th sleeves, V-neck, removable belt, waist-front tie, and full-length robes. It’s also a great long robe for lounging.