Karim Rashid is one of the most iconic design visionaries and legends of our time. He is well-known for his artistic revolutionary designs, which are the result of his unique ideas and vision. The renowned New York-based designer often comes up with a unique collection of lifestyle products that are visually striking but practical at the same time. This time he has come up with the new Kasual collection of four creative lighting fixtures that combine the best of the casual and luxury worlds. Beautifully wrapping up an exquisite collection of lighting pieces, Rashid’s new collection brings timelessness and high…

The Nana Lure Chandelier by Pelle design studio boasts tropical tranquility while hanging from your ceiling. The design of this nature-inspired lighting fixture boasts a large overarching banana leaves’ shape. Furthermore, this chandelier’s shades are completely handmade using cotton paper. It further integrates LEDs within the lighting fixture. Due to this, it adds a warm glow to the room where it’s installed. (more…)

Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut, has shown his love for his feline companions by creating two luxurious towers in the middle of his living room. He wanted to make something special for his cats – especially, Zach, a Savannah cat – so that the adorable grimalkins could indulge in his deepest passion for exploring and climbing different places. (more…)

The high-tech Arga 180 bathtub has been developed in collaboration with Whynot Design Studio and Jacuzzi Europe to elevate the luxe bathroom experience. The rectangular tub features a touchpad to control it and available in four finishes for consumers to blend with their bathroom interior. (more…)

You’ve been in the real estate business long enough to know that marketing yourself through written content and promotional materials is essential to making money. However, after years of writing about your area of expertise, finding new angles to approach your work can be difficult. That’s where a real estate postcard builder comes in. With one of these tools, you can use pre-designed templates to promote your services or build your brand and easily change text and images until you find something that works for you. They Can Help You Generate a Stronger Online Presence Using a real estate postcard…

While some people don’t have a backyard to create a greenhouse, many don’t even want to sacrifice their backyard space for a greenhouse. To solve both these problems, Netherlands-based company Revised has come up with an apt solution called Bramber. It is a portable and mobile greenhouse on wheels to make your greenhouse dream a reality. Due to the presence of wheels, this compact greenhouse is also easy to love around to any desired location. (more…)

A sunken living room is again gaining popularity in contemporary homes. Whether you like it or not, we have been observing this interior trend more and more lately. The sunken spaces are nowadays seen everywhere from classic TV shows, such as the popular shows like the old Dick van Dyke Show or Mad Men. Not just the period-appropriate TV shows, thus living space trend is also seen in more unique areas, like contemporary design magazines. (more…)