bathroom gift ideas
November 19, 2021 Monika Thakur

When it comes to selecting gifts for everyone, we always think of things related to the preference of the giftee or simply some home decor item. But bathroom gift ideas are often overlooked. However, this is one area where people spend most of their time cleansing or rejuvenating. So, this…

bathroom design ideas
August 27, 2021 Monika Thakur

Are you considering giving a new look to your bathroom? There are several ways to do so – from minimalist space-saving designs to classic, decorative bathroom interior styles. When looking for new bathroom design ideas, you need to keep in mind that modern bathroom styles vary. They vary from strategically…

May 25, 2021 Monika Thakur

The bathroom remodeling will cost you money, time, and a lot of effort in thinking about what things to consider for redesigning. The price may range from a few thousand dollars to as high as six figures for a high-end master bathroom design. However, if you are smart about your…

May 22, 2021 Monika Thakur

Wondering how to give a spa-like feel to your bathroom? You can easily create your dream bathroom by taking inspiration from the timeless appeal and sophistication of saunas and luxe spas. Making a home spa is a great way to provide yourself a tranquil retreat for promoting well-being while minimizing…

Clever Sanitary Ware
May 15, 2021 Monika Thakur

In busy cities, small apartments with small bathrooms are very common. Some bathroom spaces in modern apartments have around 3-square-meter floor space. It may seem challenging to design a bathroom with finite space. But if you are a bit design-savvy, you can easily turn your small space to both functional…

New Tile Trends
October 30, 2020 Pepup Team

When it comes to the renovation of bathrooms, the choice of tiles may be rushed or, in the worst case, insignificant in retrospect. But before you decide on undeniably white subways, remember that your tile choice could affect or ruin your bathroom renovation. (more…)

May 11, 2020 Monika Thakur

Innovative Japanese showerhead company MIZSEI MFG CO. Has recently announced its latest invention, the Microbubble Showerhead that uses hydrodynamic cavitation for producing high-energy cavitation bubbles. The generated bubbles immediately collapse on contact and release intense energy. (more…)

May 8, 2020 Monika Thakur

Rogerseller is renowned as one of the leading Australian bathroom and kitchen firms for over 120 years. Lately, the brand has come up with the latest bathroom collection, dubbed Tectonic Shower. It is a ground-breaking shower system that’s designed to offer multisensory experience to the users. (more…)

April 27, 2020 Monika Thakur

The high-tech Arga 180 bathtub has been developed in collaboration with Whynot Design Studio and Jacuzzi Europe to elevate the luxe bathroom experience. The rectangular tub features a touchpad to control it and available in four finishes for consumers to blend with their bathroom interior. (more…)