RainStick Shower Bags Best of CES 2022 Innovation Award

December 27, 2021 Bathroom Monika Thakur

Just ahead of Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2022, RainStick Shower has been announced as the winner of the best of CES 2022 Innovations Award. This advanced bathroom fixture grabbed this innovation award for the circular shower technology. It is North America’s first-ever Wi-Fi-enabled circular shower system. And, it grabbed attention for saving up to 80 percent energy. Meanwhile, it offers double water flow compared to a traditional shower with less flow.

This circular shower even depends on its recirculation technology. And, further creates a luxe and eco-friendly bathing experience. The user can use the shower system’s companion RainStick app to witness real-time data along with energy and water savings.

Saves Water and Energy

With this shower system, the company behind its creations hopes to offer sustainability to the masses. Typically, a North American shower takes around 10 minutes. Within ten minutes, the users waste around 100 liters of heated water. It’s a big amount considering that each household has various members using a similar amount of water or more. Therefore, the RainStick shower aims at reducing such intensive use of bathing water.

Image: PRNewswire/RainStick Shower

You can use the RainStick show to save water and energy while enjoying its double flow. Wondering how does this shower system saves water? Well, it reuses and recycles shower water instead of letting it flow. Instead of letting water flow from the grid into the drain, RainStick captures and further circulates the water. It even helps in reusing water up to 6-times before it’s drained.

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With each pass-through, water crosses a micron barrier to remove dirt and hair. After that, water goes through intense UV rays and eliminates bacteria and viruses. However, you need professional installation to set it all up.

Availability, Pricing & CES 2022 Display

RainStick shower comes in two stunning colors – matte black and brushed nickel. You can pre-order the RainStick through the company’s website for $3,495 along with a refundable $100 deposit. You can expect the shipping of your product by mid-2022.

But before that, catch it on display at CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

Via: PRNewsWire