Hygienists Turn Empty COVID-19 Vials into Stunning Christmas Tree

December 16, 2021 Home Appliances Monika Thakur

Recently, a video of a unique Christmas tree made of empty COVID-19 vaccine vials has gone viral on the internet. A few healthcare workers or hygienists made this festive tree at Ernani Agricola Municipal Health Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Christmas Tree Encourages For Vaccination

What the purpose of this Christmas tree made of empty COVID-19 vaccine vials? It raises awareness and encourages people for vaccination. Rio de Janeiro is also about to hold its popular New Year’s Eve party, as Mayor Eduardo Paes has announced it on Thursday. The celebrations got canceled due to concerns over the COVID-19. The South American country has already registered 222,177,059 cases due to pandemics. And, the official death toll increased up to 616,457, as per the ministry data.

However, now 65% of the country’s 213 million people are completely vaccinated. Therefore, this stunning Christmas tree symbolizes and encourages more people to get their vaccine jabs.

Another Festive Tree

Not just Brazil, but similar store comes from Romania’s Bucharest. Here, around a 9-foot high vaccine tree. It consists of around 19,000 vaccine containers. This creation is a result of crafting various Pfizer containers in the shape of a festive tree that stands tall at the Palatul Copiilor vaccination center. One highlighting feature of this gorgeous tree is its LEDs that are within the vaccine containers. The lights further enhance the overall beauty of this gorgeous Christmas tree.

According to a vaccination center coordinator, Dr. Radu Cristian, this festive tree’s lower level boasts the Moderna containers, whereas the gift boxes around the tree are made with Johnson & Johnson vials. This particular Christmas tree also pays gratitude to the already vaccinated patients. This way even others will feel encouraged to go for vaccination.

We applaud the healthcare workers for their creative idea. It’s a really unique way by hygienists to promote vaccination. They took time from their busy schedule to create such festive trees to raise awareness. What do you think about these unique Christmas trees?