Have You Ever Seen A House That Runs Over A Natural Stream? Presenting Bridge House

January 29, 2020 Architecture priyanka Shah

Often we find that water bodies are closed or obstructed while building houses. Especially in bigger cities, urbanization has brought in a lot of problems. However, today we have in store a building that has been constructed over a natural stream called a bridge house, without harming its natural flow at all.

Presenting Bridge House

Presenting the best Bridge House

When premium architect Dan Brunn saw a brook cutting across his plot, he thought of a maverick plan to build a house across it. Being a visionary that he is, Brunn worked hard for two years to eventually unveil the 4,500 square-foot home over the stream, which is actually a house on a bridge. He named the building the Bridge House.

natural Bridge House

best Bridge House

The horizontal and wide building stretches 210 feet across the banks on the stream, carrying a minimalist design that uses space and light to its advantage. In fact, you would be surprised to know that architect Brunn curated a list of brands he wanted to work with on this “bridge” project. The brands range from the likes of BMW, Benjamin Moore, Caesarstone, Bosch, Concrete Collaborative, MODAA Construction, Savant, Eero, Legrand, Yamaha, and more.

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Once you enter the house, inside you will find a grand living room, a chic dining room, a master bedroom, three other bedrooms, a terrace powder room, and a spacious garage. Apart from this, you also have a pool and a pool room! And the best part of the house is that the bridge serves as a space that separates public and private spaces in the house.

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Favorite House

The inspiration to this piece of art has been drawn from early modernists like Pierre Koenig, Mies van der Rohe, and Craig Ellwood. With simplistic aesthetic elements of mid-century modern architecture, manifesting as clean lines and clearly delineated spaces, the Bridge House turns out as one of the most promising buildings of this era.

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