When you see a picture of a spotless home, you may think it only belongs in magazines and that you’ll never be able to achieve it. A clean house, on the other hand, is critical to controlling anxiety and tension in your life. It’s as easy as assigning a location to each object in your house. Suddenly, keeping a room clean becomes second nature, and your home appears to belong in a journal. (more…)

Northern Light Show is out-of-this-world for sure. But the countries from where you can enjoy this magical view of nature are very cold unless you plan to stay at this tiny cabin just outside Reykjavík. Contrived by Estonian brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik of ÖÖD Homes, the luxury glass cabin can be rented out through Panorama Glass Lodge for an unforgettable holiday stay. And, not to forget that you can also enjoy spectacular views of the Northern Lights and Nordic landscapes from the comfort of your bed. (more…)

Montreal studio Atelier Schwimmer has created a modern Black cabin for two brothers, who are outdoor enthusiasts and wanted a playful adventurous element within their abode. As a result, this lace-facing house in a small town of Lac-Brome in Quebec, Canada boasts a recreational quirky indoors. (more…)

This new innovation will be lauded by automobile fanatics and design enthusiasts. This amazing new innovation sees a winter cabin housing a complete vintage Volvo 240 car. Once regarded as the quintessential family car, automobile designer Chris Labrooy wedged the classic 240-model straight into the cabin, giving all automobile designers some food for thought. So, if automobiles or automobile design or even architecture mesmerizes you, this article is sure to entice you. If you remember, the 1974 Volvo 240 car became a rage back in its heydays. Although it is seemingly a bit too long and slow, there was not…

Over the years, kitchen designs have vastly changed and with new and innovative kitchen designing ideas, it is impossible to select what is best for your kitchen, and when it comes to designing your kitchen every part of it is important and provides a unique flavor to the whole look of your kitchen. Mixing and matching things, looking up for prices, what is best and what’s not these questions arises when it comes to renovating your kitchen. There are lots of choices available when you want to upgrade your kitchen. You can either do a complete renovation or choose a…

No one can deny the fact that a great wallpaper can instantly add a wow-factor to your interior. From geometrics to natural prints, creative and fun wallpaper designs offer you a perfect way to jazz up a room without the need for unnecessary decor pieces that may appear no less than clutter. (more…)

Do you live in a region with harsh winters and below zero-degree temperatures? If so, you need to think about incorporating a fireplace in your house – if you don’t have one already. The fireplace is a great addition to a home to improve its aesthetics, as well as warming up the interior and making things more enjoyable – especially if it’s open and spacious. (more…)

How Dark Room Look Brighter: You need to get real about one thing here _ there is no such thing as a “dream home” when you’re hunting for an apartment or house. You will often find something missing when looking for different houses for purchase. (more…)