Northern Light Show is out-of-this-world for sure. But the countries from where you can enjoy this magical view of nature are very cold unless you plan to stay at this tiny cabin just outside Reykjavík. Contrived by Estonian brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik of ÖÖD Homes, the luxury glass cabin can be rented out through Panorama Glass Lodge for an unforgettable holiday stay. And, not to forget that you can also enjoy spectacular views of the Northern Lights and Nordic landscapes from the comfort of your bed. (more…)

Montreal studio Atelier Schwimmer has created a modern Black cabin for two brothers, who are outdoor enthusiasts and wanted a playful adventurous element within their abode. As a result, this lace-facing house in a small town of Lac-Brome in Quebec, Canada boasts a recreational quirky indoors. (more…)

This new innovation will be lauded by automobile fanatics and design enthusiasts. This amazing new innovation sees a winter cabin housing a complete vintage Volvo 240 car. Once regarded as the quintessential family car, automobile designer Chris Labrooy wedged the classic 240-model straight into the cabin, giving all automobile designers some food for thought. So, if automobiles or automobile design or even architecture mesmerizes you, this article is sure to entice you. If you remember, the 1974 Volvo 240 car became a rage back in its heydays. Although it is seemingly a bit too long and slow, there was not…

Bicycle is one of the amazing inventions that not just allows you to commute from one place to another while exploring the surrounding nature, it also keeps you healthy. Cycling is the simplest and effective type of exercise to strengthen your lower body while improving your cardiovascular health. That’s why so many people across the globe love to travel through two-wheeled bikes. (more…)

When guests are coming over to your home, you must be willing to make their visit memorable, entertaining, and welcoming at the same time. A room with a neutral color palette, including subtle tones like white, beige, grey, blue, etc., are perfect to make anyone feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they enter the given space. (more…)

Various interior design trends last for a few seasons and disappear over time. But one everlasting trend that transforms with time is the installation of a fireplace in living spaces. A modern fireplace has never completely gone out of style. Designers often come up with innovative and adaptive ways to modernize the fireplace for a contemporary lifestyle. (more…)

This whimsical guest house has been created by Belgian firm Atelier Vens Vanbelle for their client from the film industry. Situated in the Uitbergen region of East Flanders, the stunning Alex Guesthouse has a visually-appealing design that includes a curved volume that’s made from prefabricated timber and further clad in corten steel. (more…)

Designed to change as per your child’s growing needs, UP convertible crib by Poland-based Husarska Design Studio is a piece of practical furniture for urban dwellers. When planning a child, one obviously thinks of buying a crib for their newborn baby. Since babies seem to grow up within a blink of an eye, that crib ends up lying in a corner or spare room of your house. (more…)