When we think of motorhomes, we often think about larger-than-life campers that could be used by a whole family. But what about solo travelers or couples who want to explore the world? Probably Elektro Frosch (Electric Frog) from Berlin has heard their secret wish in form of a small electric tricycle that doubles up as a comfy micro camper home for travelers. (more…)

Designed for Italian kitchen brand Scavolini, design agency Rainlight, founded by Yorgo Lykouria, has created a modular furniture system called BoxLife to enable homeowners to organize their homes as per their preferences. Since this furniture collection allows you to adapt your home interior for multiple uses at different times, you always make the most out of the available space in your small apartment. (more…)

Innovative Japanese showerhead company MIZSEI MFG CO. Has recently announced its latest invention, the Microbubble Showerhead that uses hydrodynamic cavitation for producing high-energy cavitation bubbles. The generated bubbles immediately collapse on contact and release intense energy. (more…)

Whether it’s the COVID-19 outbreak or day-to-day interactions with usual surfaces used by so many people in a day, the germs are constantly on the rise. So, the need for keeping ourselves safe is very crucial. Here enters Sanitas – the world’s thinnest antimicrobial copper door opener to avoid all commonly touched surfaces, such as elevator buttons, door handles, and more. (more…)

In the modern world, although we dream of owning lavish homes, we end up living in spaces that are just good enough for a small family. This is especially true of metropolitan cities, where one feels extremely happy if s/he gets a decent one or two BHK apartment to live in. Meanwhile, no matter how small our living spaces are, all our gadgets should be in place. They must be efficient and space-saving as well so that you can churn out maximum benefits out of them sans filling your entire home with gadgets. If you, too, live in such a…

A decade ago, when Netflix was not around, CDs and DVDs used to be the thing. From storing our favorite films to storing elaborate digital projects and college/school notes, CDs were real necessities. However, gone are those days. This micro-age is all about mobile phones and micro SD cards. But does that mean you have to trash your CD/DVD collection? No, sir. All you gotta do is unearth them from your storage pile, and DIY them into home decor and accessories. Yes – you heard it right; and we’ll show you how! 1. Iridescent Mirror Frame for your living room Who doesn’t…

While many people are concerned about privacy and security when it comes to installing glass front doors, others prefer these doors because they effortlessly blend your indoor space with the natural outdoor landscape. The glass front doors are also becoming a popular choice of modern homeowners, who believe in minimalism and forming a connection with nature. (more…)

Ukrainian design studio UDESD2 has created an extraordinary Buckyball chair that consists of six spheres, which are inspired by the scientific structure of carbon molecules. These six spheres include twelve pentagons each and can be arranged in any desired shape or form you want. Meanwhile, it can bear the weight of any person without losing its original shape. (more…)

International design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati (CRA) has created a portable wardrobe purifier called Pura-Case to keep your garments sanitized. This new wardrobe case uses ozone for removing viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms from your clothes. (more…)