Best Living Room Plants to Dress Up Your Space

July 12, 2021 Home Decor Monika Thakur

Interior design for the most part is a way of curating and crafting a living space, where we live and work. It must create a comfortable and visually appealing setting. Both inhabitants and guests must feel happy on viewing the interior setting. It is interesting how creatively you could bring the outdoor elements into your living space. Stone finishes, living room plants, wood furniture, and even animal hides on pillows and rugs are some striking nods to the great outdoors. This is how many people love to surround themselves with natural elements in their homes.

But our most favorite way of decking up the interior space is with living room plants. Whether decorating your home or office, you cannot neglect the importance of adding plants to different parts of your home. There are so many ways and reasons to incorporate healthy plant life in your rooms. Apart from the aesthetic significance, living room plants decrease toxins in the air. Plus, the plants improve the air quality and also have many aromatherapy benefits. Some benefits range from energizing your mind to lowering your blood pressure. The plants also encourage healthful and deeper sleep.

According to some scientific studies, plants are beneficial in the homes of people who are often ill. They help in lowering stress levels in long-term patients. So, it is clear that bringing in green plant life in your home can add life to your space.

No matter your thumb is green, yellow, or any other hue in the rainbow, you need to consider adding some greenery into your home. It will enhance the look of your home. But, many times homeowners feel confused while deciding which plants to add to a living room.

In this article, we share with you some amazing plants to consider adding to your living space. We’ll also discuss how to decorate your living space with refreshing plants.

Best Living Room Plants To Amp Up Your Home

Here are a few interesting living room plants to consider adding to your home:

1. Snake Plant Laurentii

best living room plants to dress up your space

Don’t get mistaken by the name (or scared by it). The snake plant derives its name from its thin, erect leaves with “irregular green striping” that resemble the snakeskin. But there is nothing else related to snakes in this plant.

Aside from looking fantastic, it’s a low-maintenance plant. It can withstand droughts, making it ideal for beginners in practically any area. Although the snake plant prefers bright light, it can still thrive in low light.

Snake plants can also filter out harmful pollutants, like benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and toluene. Thus, having one in your house is safe and keeps the indoor air free from unwanted pollutants.

2. Rubber Tree

best living room plants to dress up your space

Get a rubber tree if you have a habit of forgetting about your plants or are new to the whole “plant parent” lifestyle. The rubber plant is tolerant to some degree of neglect. It also takes under-watering better than over-watering. So, this plant is quite easier to maintain.

Is this the kind of plant you’re looking for? To be happy, thrive, and cut carbon dioxide from your home, a rubber tree requires bright light. Though, though it may tolerate some partial sunshine. It also needs plenty of space to grow.

3. Aloe Vera

home decoration ideas

Aloe Vera is not only easy to care for, but it’s also a healer. There are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects found in aloe vera juice. Besides that, you may use this plant to not only brighten up your home but also to cure wounds. It also helps in treating skin diseases. Don’t worry about keeping your aloe vera plant alive. Simply place it in a bright, sunny location.

This plant likes to have the soil very dry before watering. Even if you don’t use aloe vera for its medicinal characteristics, it is great for its air-purification properties. It is because helps in removing formaldehyde from surrounding air. Plus, its low-maintenance needs make it one of the best living room plants for busy homeowners.

4. Orchids as Living Room Plants

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When looking for plants to incorporate into your décor style, keep in mind that green isn’t the only color option. Blooming plants provide all of the same health and aromatherapy benefits as green plants while also adding a splash of color to your space. Because of their sculptural forms and vibrant, appealing colors, orchids have long been a favorite flower among stylists and interior designers. They make a statement that grabs the attention and brightens the room. No matter where you put them in a room setting, they will instantly amp up the given space. And, with proper maintenance, they may endure a long time.

5. Succulents & Cacti

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Not everyone is born with the greenest of thumbs. Plant care can be difficult and depending on the type of plant, the environment you live in, and how much time you have to commit to the task, some plants will be far more difficult to keep healthy and growing than others. Even if you haven’t had the best experience with plants in the past, several house plants are considerably easier to care for. These are far more likely to repay your efforts with long and steady growth.

For instance, you might want to think about getting a cactus or succulent plant for your home. Both are desert plants, though they are green and alive. And, are well-suited to settings that would be inhospitable to other plant varieties. These plants require just a small amount of water and sunlight. Plus, they are otherwise low-maintenance, making them simple to care for. Because of their linear designs, these plants offer a unique aspect that works well in rooms with a more modern design approach, in addition to their robustness and lifespan.

6. Fake It!

Home decorations

Finally, if you absolutely, certainly lack the touch, patience, or luck to be successful with plants of any type but still want to feel like your place has a touch of nature, there are always methods to pay respect to the great, green outdoors without really having any of it in your house. When your thumb simply won’t turn the correct shade of green to keep your houseplants alive and healthy, a little decorating with synthetic foliage is all it takes to obtain the feel of plants without much work.

Ways To Decorate Home With Living Room Plants

Here are some of the ways to decorate your living space with indoor plants:

1. A Large Plant Beside the Sofa

living room plants to dress up your space

This is usually a portion that is often neglected or left unfilled. The concept is to place a wager on a large-scale ornamental plant. If done correctly, it will look fantastic. Areca palm, dracaena, and umbrella papyrus are some of the plants to check out.

2. Pick a Shelf for Living Room Plants

best living room plants to dress up your space

Using plants on shelves to decorate your living space could be a good idea. But allocating an entire shelf to specific plants may appear drab and monotonous. Instead, we can mix it up and utilize it for things like book storage, decor, and more.

3. Use a Bench

living room plants to dress up your space

Using a bench and opting for accumulation will make a single plant appear unattractive. This will add volume and provide the impression of a cabinet. The goal is to use a variety of plants, sizes, and pots. If you don’t have a bench, get creative and use a nice chair or any other surface that can hold your plants.

4. Have Stunning Customizable Pots

Have Stunning Customizable Pots

Pots come in a wide range of sizes, and you can choose from attractive pots such as ceramic pots or designer pots, or alter existing pots by painting them. It’s a wonderful method to add your personal touch while also incorporating decorating into plants and vice versa.

5. Decorate a Corner

Decorate a Corner

There’s a good chance you have an awkward corner in your living room or a gap beneath your staircase, and there are a few ways to cope with it. The aim is to have one large plant that in the living room’s corner. Another approach is to collect a variety of tiny plants of various species. Using plant holding stands to enhance the appearance is a fantastic option.

6. Wall Hanging Herb Garden

Wall Hanging Herb Garden

There are a plethora of interesting and inventive ways to incorporate living room plants into various sections of your home. The best approaches combine the aesthetic attractiveness of the greens and/or blossoms with the usefulness of the plant in ways that allow the plant to contribute to the look of the area while still being useful, such as putting lavender plants in a home office to assist relieve tension.

A hanging herb garden in the kitchen is also a terrific idea. You may keep a range of great, fresh herbs in your kitchen using little planters, which will not only decorate the room but also bring a new dash of freshness to your cuisine. Even better, it’s simple to put together. Use just a few small planters and some wood screws to create a stunning appearance on a brick wall. Individual planters, rather than a series of shelves, can create a basic yet intriguing design. It allows you to utilize your plants as both cooking utensils and wall art.

7. Floating Living Room Plants

Floating Living Room Plants

Instead of utilizing the entire plant, simply add plants hanging from the ceiling. Choose plants that don’t require soil to thrive and arrange them in hanging vases or pots with water. This works well in both a modern and a boho setting. Place them in different areas of your house for stunning floating greenery effect.

Look to your accessories, both large and tiny, to evoke the impression of living room plants. Bringing in a large-scale plant-themed mural, locating cushions with your favorite flowers, or even painting a flowery landscape on your ceiling will all work to give you the feeling of having plants about. You can even frame botanical motifs in your artwork, or simply arrange your room with floral aspects in mind.

There is a range of scented candles, oils, and diffusers that will fill your area with beneficial scents in the same way that a variety of living room plants will. None of these alternatives are likely to be as beneficial as having the genuine thing, but if that isn’t a possibility, a nice candle might be the next best thing.