What is the best way to organize a kitchen? Find out

June 29, 2021 Kitchen Monika Thakur

The kitchen is most frequently used space than many other rooms in your house. That’s why you need to keep it better organized and user-friendly to make your life easier.

If you’re wondering how to organize a kitchen organized and make meal preparation easier for family, here are a few simple ways to do so:

Prepare the Kitchen

If you’re moving into a new home or trying to rearrange things in your existing kitchen, chances are it is not cleaned properly. Give your kitchen a thorough cleaning before removing anything from the boxes. Concentrate on the locations where you’ll store your dishes, silverware, glasses, and pots. Use contact paper to produce a clean, easy-to-clean surface on shelves and within drawers if possible. Make sure your counters and sink are also clean. Spend some time moving around the kitchen area if you haven’t already. Assume you’re going about your daily routine. And, place your cleaning supplies, pantry essentials, pots, pans, and knives in easy-to-reach areas. You can gain a better picture by strolling through a few common kitchen renovations.

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Define Your Zones To Organize a Kitchen

Assess the entire kitchen and divide cupboards and drawers into zones before beginning to reassemble them. The simplest method to do this is to write everything down, including which items belong in which zones, on a notebook and pen. Here’s an illustration of what that may look like:

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Zone 1: Everyday Items (easy to access)

Plates, basic glassware, bowls, cutlery, serveware, cups, etc.

Zone 2: Cooking (a place close to range hood or oven)

Pans, pots, cutting boards, dishes, wooden spoons, spatulas, mixing bowls, measuring spoons/cups, and other baking objects.

Zone 3: Pantry To Organize a Kitchen

Spices, dry goods, bigger kitchen gadgets, and more.

Zone 4: Accessories & Storage

Food storage, Tupperware, food wrap, food storage, tin foil, Ziploc bags, and to-go items, etc.

Zone 5: Coffee and Bar

Coffee pods, coffee cups, coffee pot, coffee accessories, or Keurig.
Barware, like shot glasses, wine glasses, bar accessories, other glassware, etc.

Zone 6: Under the Sink

Extra hand soap, cleaning supplies, recycling, garbage bags, and more.
You may even create a 7th zone for special items, such as serveware to typically use when while hosting or for special keepsakes/pottery. Our advice is to keep objects where you genuinely use them. After that, store it in another area of a house, such as a garage or dining room for better serving.

Arrange Your Items According to Frequency of Use

The previously outlined sorting procedure also applies to cupboard space. Every day plates, glasses, cups, and cereal bowls would look good on shelves that are at eye level or below. Because glasses are often used, it’s best to place them in a cupboard near the sink at eye level. Objects that you don’t use as often can are best stored on higher shelf.

Pots and pans, as well as their lids are best placed near the burner. You may also utilize the drawer beneath the stove to store larger goods – like baking sheets, roasting pans, and casserole dishes that aren’t used every day.

Items that aren’t needed every day should are best kept in the cupboards above the refrigerator or stove. Keep heavy things on shelves close to the ground. You won’t have to worry about them dropping because they’ll be easier to access.

Keep toxic compounds in hard-to-reach places. If you have little children, store all cleaning products in high-up, out-of-reach cupboards. Soaps, detergents, and cleaning agents, on the other hand, are good to adjust below the sink.

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Organize Your Pantry

Cans and dry food stock needs separate place, besides your pots, dishes, and pans in a pantry closet or similar area. Place spices in the burner. You can even store them in drawers. Label tops of japs for easily allowing you to search for spices. Spice carts placed on the racks or counter that dangle above the stove are more alternatives. Keep in mind to keep spices in a dry, cool environment to stay fresh.

Reorganize as Needed

After a few weeks in your new house or newly arrange space, you’ll most likely develop a serving, cooking, and eating pattern. Once you’ve become used to the procedure, double-check that your initial round of organization went smoothly. Are you able to get to all you require? Are your kitchen gadgets overflowing because you didn’t choose a large enough drawer? Reorganize your kitchen as needed to ensure that it is functional for you and your family.

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