Designed by Ryuichi Ashizawa Architects & Associates, the Spiral Garden House on Awaji Island in Japan considers eco-friendly elements in more than one way. This 1,000-square-meter house is built for a family of four and designed by the temperate nature of this island. (more…)

With limited space in small urban apartments, homeowners are not able to enjoy freshly grown vegetables and fruits at home. Therefore, Australian-based company Bace has come up with a brilliant indoor gardening solution in the form of the Rotofarm that uses technology inspired by NASA to grow plants. (more…)

For those who love gardening at home, Lettuce Grow has come up with an automated solution to offer an easy way to grow farm produce at home. The company has developed a self-fertilizing and self-watering hydroponic system called Farmstand that needs just a fraction of the time, effort, and space to grow fresh plants. (more…)

For nature-loving urban dwellers, PICO mini indoor gardens is a great solution to cultivate plants within the comfort of their homes. Even if people don’t have enough outdoor spaces to grow plants, these gardening pods with compact design offer them to easily scale up or down their choice of greenery. (more…)

Winter is coming. While there is literally nothing to worry about the dead walking zombies, we really have to worry about safeguarding our home and our gardens from the wrath of snowstorms, hailstorms, and rain. Special care has to be imparted to your gardens and backyards for those are the open spaces directly coming in contact with snow, hails, rain, storms, etc. As a result of this, often we find our favorite trees and flowering plants die a cold death. We definitely don’t want that. If you are on the same page as us, read on this article to know…

Today, urban homes have become smaller and enabling inhabitants to find creative ways to maximize small living spaces. Keeping tiny living in mind, Stem Landscape Architecture & Design has come up with this custom-designed vertical plant wall with a built-in bench to enable homeowners to enjoy greenery despite being any open space nearby. (more…)

If you love to pamper your dog, why not gift your furry friend a secure, comfortable, and elegant their own living space. With the same thought in mind, California-based Barrel 33 has created an ingenious Wine Barrel Dog House that can be a statement piece in your house or outside at patio, garden, or backyard. (more…)

Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut, has shown his love for his feline companions by creating two luxurious towers in the middle of his living room. He wanted to make something special for his cats – especially, Zach, a Savannah cat – so that the adorable grimalkins could indulge in his deepest passion for exploring and climbing different places. (more…)

Taipei-based Phoebe Says Wow Architects created a massive Boolean Birdhouse in the center of Taiwan’s Yangmingshan National Park. This giant wooden building features five pitched roofs soaring high into the sky to welcome local birds. Meanwhile, humans may even find respite within this amazing wooden birdhouse. (more…)