Over the years, we have seen so many tiny house designs from double story towable home to roaming music studio. However, Melbourne-based architectural firm Movable Roots has created a completely ingenious tiny home called the Culp that features a very distinct feature – a walk-in hot tub. So, you can even relax and enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. (more…)

We have seen so many small living solutions over the years, but no one is like the expandable Haaks Opperland two-story tiny house on wheels. The tiny home is designed to sit on Fiat Ducato base chassis. When parked, a triangle-shaped pop-up roof covers the upper rear area to create a spacious two-level living space. (more…)

Latvian studio Zeltini has created Z-Triton tiny amphibious tricycle houseboat to travel over water and land. Combining functions of the house, trike, and boat, this tiny electric camper is great for outdoor explorers who seek joy in spending more time outdoors, especially during summer months. With this tiny tricycle houseboat, they can now enjoy outdoors without compromising with their comfort. (more…)

Northern Light Show is out-of-this-world for sure. But the countries from where you can enjoy this magical view of nature are very cold unless you plan to stay at this tiny cabin just outside Reykjavík. Contrived by Estonian brothers Andreas and Jaak Tiik of ÖÖD Homes, the luxury glass cabin can be rented out through Panorama Glass Lodge for an unforgettable holiday stay. And, not to forget that you can also enjoy spectacular views of the Northern Lights and Nordic landscapes from the comfort of your bed. (more…)