For consumers seeking nomadic and mortgage-free life, tiny house living is the best indeed. Keeping in mind the concept of tiny living, Germany-based professional gamer and YouTuber, Nessa Elessar, has designed and built a tiny home to follow her passion for online gaming. (more…)

When you plan to downsize to a small house, a porch or deck can help you open up the interior to the outdoors. Even French architecture firm Atelier Fasea has inclined into this idea with the formation of its new tiny house concept. This conceptual adaptable tiny home boasts operable walls that open up living space to embrace the nature outside. (more…)

We have seen many building designs combining ancient building techniques with sustainable energy technology. Keeping up with this ongoing trend, the Rammed Earth House in Slovenia boasts a unique style farmhouses. It showcases a simple way to merge traditional rammed earth building methods along with modern solar energy production. This reinterprets the early 20th-century farmhouse design in the modern world. The resulting tiny house boasts unique angles and a multi-angled pitched roof. Furthermore, the tiny home orients maximum sun exposure, as well as passive solar heating with windows kept for proper cross-ventilation in warm weather. (more…)

When it comes to downsizing a home, you don’t necessarily have to leave the comfort of a huge home. Baluchon’s latest tiny house Hippollène is a good example of this. The French builder has created this movable home with two lofts and a spacious living room. What’s more interesting about this house on wheels is its interior filled with a rustic aesthetic. (more…)

Dubbed Adraga house, this new tiny house on wheels is another addition to the tiny living movement that’s big in entire Portugal. The project is the work of Portuguese architecture and woodworking studio Madeiguincho. The design studio created this beautiful movable tiny home for a retired couple, who’s looking to disconnect from the world. It is because they want to spend their retirement relaxing away from the fast world around them. And, this compact timber abode just offers them what they desired. What’s the purpose of this tiny house on wheels Image: Madeiguincho Also Read: Red…

For those who wish to carry all the comfort while traveling, DAISY tiny house is a perfect on-the-go living space. Created by Mobi House, tiny house builders from Poland before, this tiny home boasts a bright red exterior and white interior with a few hints of red. The Polish builders are led by a passion to create some impeccable tiny homes. And, Mobi 05 DAISY is a perfect representation of what they’re passionate about. (more…)

Want to escape the world for a peaceful living? Consider heading to this old-school tiny house B&B in British Columbia, Canada. This amazing tiny house has been transformed from a 1969 international short school bus. Not only does this school-bus-turned-tiny house boasts a retro touch, but it’s also made from salvaged materials. The reclaimed materials were collected from thrift vintage stores. Now, the overall look of this tiny home takes us back to the old era of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. The school bus tiny home boasts a solid roof that protects the inhabitants from the weather. It further…

Czech-based firm Pin-Up Houses has recently created a new tiny home model based on a shipping container. Dubbed Gaia, this tiny home offers completely off-grid functionality with a wind turbine, solar panels, and rainwater collection system. (more…)

Tiny House Guys lately came up with a one-of-a-kind off-grid tiny home design in Australia. Dubbed Aero Tiny, this tiny dwelling has been made from airplane fuselage that was earlier used for training cabin crews. (more…)