Spruce Up Exteriors With These 15 Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

September 2, 2021 Outdoor Monika Thakur

Having a stylish outdoor space has become a trend nowadays. Most people love to deck up their interior with stylish decor pieces. But they often neglect to style their outdoors, may be due to lack of outdoor wall decor ideas. Leaving the exterior of your house dull and plain is not a good idea. After all, passersby and your guests will judge your lifestyle simply by looking at the exterior of your house. Therefore, you need to consider decorating the exterior walls of your house as well.

There are so many ways to spruce up your outdoor patio, garden, terrace, or pool walls. You may have seen some stylish and artistic outdoor wall decor ideas online on Pinterest or Instagram. Once you choose the right ideas for sprucing up your exterior walls, you’d certainly enjoy spending more time outside your house – whether in warm weather or chilled evenings in winter season.

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So, don’t just leave your outdoor walls blank, as they may appear to be a complete headache. You don’t even have to spend too much money or effort in decorating the walls. If you’re out of ideas, let us give you some inspiration. We have made a list of some gorgeous outdoor wall decor ideas to make your abode feel more inviting.

Our shard ideas are suitable for all types of people: whether you’re a vintage lover, DIY decorator, plant person, or trendsetter. No matter what’s your style and your taste, these outdoor wall decor ideas will instantly give an enchanting appeal to your outdoor space.

15 Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas To Jazz Up Your Home Exterior

Here are some amazing outdoor wall decoration ideas to consider for enhancing the look of your house:

1. Traditional Arts For Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Traditional Arts For Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas


Are you into traditional arts or paintings? If so, you can consider making them part of your stylish outdoor decor. Just have a look at the picture given above. Just see how beautifully this simple painting amps up the outdoor seating area of a home. This art piece is not just amplifying the look of the given space. But also seamlessly blends with the natural elements of the atmosphere.

You can consider adding similar paintings, photography, or poster to your patio, lawn, or veranda wall. But make sure the piece you choose to hang outside is not vulnerable to high humidity and direct sunlight. It is best to choose a weatherproof piece to ensure it lasts for a long duration.

2. Add a Personal Touch

outdoor wall decor ideas


You can consider adding a personal touch to your outdoor walls if adding painting is not unique to you. You can consider adding a wooden frame with your surname painted or etched on it. Furthermore, you can add the date or year when you moved to your home. This will give a special and personalized touch to your outdoor wall while adding a unique element of interest to the given space.

If you don’t want to add it next to your front door, you can even add this wall decor to your pool area, terrace, or lawn wall. It may appear simple, but it can instantly transform the look of the given space.

3. Bring Greenery to Your Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas


Looking for astonishing outdoor wall decor ideas? You must go for a vertical garden. A vertical garden can be full of a variety of plants. But it will add a different touch to the given space. It is something you need to consider for impressing your guests and anyone else who enters your home.

Generally, succulents are best for such projects. But you can even choose some other plants if you’re not into succulents. You can create your stylish vertical garden wall anywhere you want. Your guests will surely appreciate this particular addition outside your home.

4. Wrought Iron Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

Wrought Iron Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas


You may be well aware of the benefits of wrought iron. There is a reason for its installation in most fences, gates, garden decorations, and patio furniture. You may even use them for outdoor wall decoration, making use of their elegant patterns and curves.

Aside from that, you can go for abstract or modern art. However, these wrought iron wall decor pieces will add uniqueness and coziness to your outdoor space.

5. DIY Hanging Plants – Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas

DIY Hanging Plants - Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas


The next idea on outdoor wall decor is for DIYers. You can consider adding DIY hanging plants on one of your home’s exterior walls. Just see how amazing these hanging plants look!

You can make these using rain gutters and further paint them in a vibrant hue. All you require is three or more rain gutters and simply hang them on top of each other. Once you have attached them with a rope, you can add soil into these gutters and add your favorite flowers. This is a budget-friendly way to make your outdoor wall lively and bright.

6. Simple Wall Frames For Decor

outdoor wall decor ideas


If you don’t have too much time to spend on exterior decorations, just consider adding some simple frames on the walls. These outdoor wall decor ideas are perfect to add some subtle color to your outdoor walls. Plus, it is quite trendy these days to deck up the space with such visually appealing decor pieces.

Such colored frames are perfect to add a visual impact to your porch walls without spending too much money, time, and effort.

7. String Light Wall Decoration

String Light Wall Decoration


If you want to create a warm and inviting space for evening hangouts with family, you can consider adding string lights as wall decoration. These lights look amazing in both interiors and exteriors. Meanwhile, they are enough to jazz up the look of any dull wall and turn your outdoor seating space into a twinkling cozy nook. This setup will look more stunning at nighttime.

8. Triptych Outdoor Wall Art

Triptych Outdoor Wall Art


A large outdoor space can sometimes become difficult to decorate. However, with our best outdoor wall decor ideas, you will not feel disappointed. Just have a look at this stunning triptych wall art.

It is an art form divided into three different pieces. You can add it to a poolside wall, above a beautiful seating space, or any other outdoor wall to create a calm and relaxing ambiance. To emphasize more on this art form, you can even add a lighting fixture above it.

9. Style Your Outdoor Wall With a Classic Timepiece

Style Your Outdoor Wall With a Classic Timepiece


You would not crave to go on a vacation if you had an outdoor space like this. To add more charm to its aesthetic appeal, consider adding a classic timepiece on the outdoor wall. A stellar kitchen is adjacent to the patio that’s designed for dining and lounging. However, the stylish all-weather outdoor clock anchors the whole space while hanging above a fireplace in a cozy seating area.

10. Jazz Up a Pool Cabana


outdoor wall decor ideas


Have a look at this stunning pool cabana with a stunning shiplap wall decked up with golden votive holders. This wall decoration adds a lovely charm and hammered texture vibe to the outdoor space. In the middle, there is an outdoor TV for binge-watching next to a pool.

When decorating such an outdoor area, look for furnishing and appliances that are suitable for outdoor use. A furniture set, free-standing lamp, and coffee table (in the image above) are ideal examples.

11. Decorate Outdoor Wall With Natural Greenery

Decorate Outdoor Wall With Natural Greenery


You can consider making a creative pattern with natural greenery. This style will instantly enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space, without going overboard. This lovely patio area with an eye-catching trellis grass feature is a perfect addition to any home with an outdoor area. Plus, the repetitive diamond pattern on the outdoor wall concentrates on the cozy seating space.

12. Metal Outdoor Wall Decor

outdoor wall decor ideas


Have a look at this stunning outdoor metal wall decor piece, which is not only cool to look at but also durable. Most metal wall panels are suitable for patio and garden wall decor. You can fix them directly to the outdoor walls of your house. You may even use them to make a stunning background for welcoming signs next to your porch.

Besides the metal panel outdoor wall decor ideas, you can consider adding a wall sculpture to the given space. It also features a stunning decorative element or 3D wall art. Such adornments are available in various styles and would look amazing in vintage-style gardens. However, if you have modern furniture and exquisite plants, go for more contemporary wall art for outdoor walls.

13. Candle Scones as Wall Decoration

Candle Scones as Wall Decoration


Any patio can become cozier with proper lighting. Adding electric lighting fixtures to the outdoor walls is a much safer and interesting element of interest. We suggest adding candlelight or candle scones to the given space.

These lighting fixtures will add a stunning visual appeal while making your garden appear more relaxing and romantic. Certainly, candle lighting is not very bright. But you don’t need bright lighting in a garden anyway. Your purpose for outdoor lighting is to create an atmosphere with a relaxing and cozy feel without much light hurting your eyes.

If you don’t have a proper wall for candle scones, you can even consider adding candles on tables or planters in beautiful candleholders. For instance, a candle holder in the shape of a lantern is great for adding a chic appearance to the outdoor wall decor. They even add a magical feel to the given area without taking much time and effort for setup.

14. Recycled Decorations

Recycled Decorations


You don’t have to purchase any outdoor decorations for your garden or patio. You may have some of them already lying in your house, garden, or garage. These days it is very popular to make use of recycled decor items. So, we had to include this cost-effective idea in this list to help you save money and time on your unique wall decor for the outdoors.

It’s unimaginable how many trashed items you can turn into creative decor pieces. Even your old shovels and garage tools are easy to convert into stylish decor pieces creatively and beautifully. For instance, you can use your old window frames and shutters to decorate the outdoor wall of the house. With the help of an old window sill and window frame, you can create a faux window. Or even place adorable flower pots in front to adorn the overall frame. The flowers hanging on these DIY window sill decors can instantly add a stylish touch to your dull outdoor walls.

But it’s not the only idea. There are so many other cool DIY decor ideas too. You can create those with the help of ordinary things, without investing too much money.

15. Creative House Numbers

Creative House Numbers - outdoor wall decor ideas


Apart from the outdoor patio or garden wall art, you can even add a creative touch to your home exterior with creative house numbers. Everyone cannot see how your garden or patio looks, but they can clearly see your house number. So, why not add a stylish touch to it?

You can choose from a vast number of ideas to create your stylish and creative house numbers. First, you need to use a font that is simple and readable to people from a certain distance. After that, you need to ensure that the house number style matches the style of your home. For instance, contemporary house numbers won’t look good in a conventional house. Finally, place the house number beneath the exterior light so that people can see it even in the dark.

While you can choose from a wide range of house numbers available in the market, if you consider making them yourself, it will add a personal touch. But if you don’t want to DIY, you can look for creative and stylish house numbers online. For example, house numbers made of faux turf are unique and gorgeous to look at.

So, these are some of our selected outdoor wall decor ideas for you. Which one of these did you like the most? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.