Cleaning patio furniture mesh can be a quick and easy way to keep the beauty and longevity of your outdoor furniture. Regular cleaning and care will help eliminate dirt, debris, and stains, allowing you to enjoy your patio furniture for many years to come. To clean your patio furniture mesh, follow these steps: Preparation: Gather your tools: a soft-bristle brush, mild detergent or soap, a bucket, water, a hose, and a clean towel are all required. Select the best place. Find an appropriate cleaning location, preferably outside, where you will have easy access to water and enough space to work….

When used with the right color scheme, brown furniture can be quite fashionable. Selecting the right wall colors is the key to enhancing your favorite pieces of brown furniture. Follow these interior design suggestions for selecting paint colors to showcase your furniture in the best possible way, whether you’ve inherited your grandmother’s mahogany dining room table or are deeply in love with a sleek chocolate-brown sofa. Pick the right color scheme Image: Home Decor Bliss Furniture in the living room or dining room that is brown is a versatile choice because it may convey a variety…

Outer, an outdoor furniture company, is aiming to offer comfortable and durable furniture pieces for a better future. They are bringing sustainable outdoor furniture series to improve your life, thanks to innovative technology. The company’s latest set of outdoor furniture comprises a sofa and two chairs along with a coffee table. (more…)

Danish/Italian design studio Older has created fun and cheerful furniture designs for Milan’s Nilufar depot. The new collection is dubbed Scarpette & Carolino and boasts a round wooden seat that’s built with three legs of solid iron. It also features a powder-coated pillar and a serving wagon. This serving wagon acts as a tool for transporting breakfast, lunch, or dinner across the house. Letizia and Morten met in London where they were working for Alexander McQueen. A couple in both life and work, they both moved to Milan and started creating sustainable uniforms in terms of packaging and materials. [caption…

Who doesn’t love to buy new furniture for their home? After all, it’s a great way to make the given space appear fresh without complete remodeling. From coffee tables to sofas, every piece of furniture can change the way your room’s interior feels. So, you need to consider the top furniture trends of 2022 to make your interior reflect your individuality. That said, searching for the right furniture piece is not very easy considering the number of options available out there. (more…)

Designer Beomseok Chae uses simple building materials to create new Construction Furniture Series. Construction is a ‘microscopic observation of architecture.’ It is a new industrial furniture collection that consists of two key elements. There are two main elements of this project. These are the steel beams and scaffolding for each skeletal design. So, this proves that the whole process is influenced by the structures and the technology behind the construction process. (more…)

When it comes to saving space in a tiny home/apartment/cabin, modular furniture is ideal. The concept of modular furniture is simple. It enables the users to customize their home with pull-apart, easy-to-move pieces as per their needs. Keeping this in mind, Xylo Living, a modular furniture startup, has also started a campaign to launch a flexible furniture platform. With this flexible furniture platform, the company is hoping to meet all the needs of the users. (more…)

Toronto-based design company Stackabl recognizes the surplus off-cuts. And, the large quantities of felted wool in factories. To reduce the amount of waste in the factories, they decided to create a computer-aided system. This system makes a productive reuse of end-of-bolt and off-cuts felt. How? By turning the waste into practical furnishings. Usually, the factory off-cuts and surplus materials are used to make art pieces. (more…)

The world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid has created a new series of urban outdoor furniture. This outdoor furniture collection is for Russian firm Punto Design. This collection is based on a motto – ‘design beyond time’. And, each bench and chair from screams exquisiteness.  (more…)