Have you been counting days to the Black Friday furniture sales? The early furniture deals are already unveiled on Amazon. You can see that even the renowned retailers are cutting down their prices for the big day. Often known as the year’s biggest shopping day, Black Friday is falling on Friday 26th November in 2021. Since Amazon has come up with early Black Friday deals, it’s the best time to consider buying furniture pieces as well. If you have recently moved into a new apartment or purchased a new house, you may experience how expensive home goods can be. But…

Do you reside in a dense metropolitan city? If so, there are chances that you might be living in a small apartment with limited space. Small living spaces of one of the downsides of living in a hustling-bustling city. But it should not allow you to feel cramped in your living space. All thanks to clever multipurpose furniture, you can mitigate the potential problems of tiny homes, such as little storage or the need for extra seating or a sleeping area. Amazon is one good online platform to choose the best multipurpose furniture for your small home. No matter how…

Getting rid of old furniture and replacing it with new furniture isn’t always the best solution. In several circumstances, it is preferable to refinish old furniture with stunning paint colors. If you have no past experience painting wooden furniture, several expert suggestions to choose the right paint colors to get you started. Choose a professional wood paint from a reputed manufacturer and select from their extensive collection to reclaim your furniture! To assist, we’ve included some painting tips for wooden furniture in this article. So, continue reading. (more…)

Designed to function like a normal furniture piece, this vibrant and sculptural Teâshí Coffee Table by Edenic Design can add a color blast into any dull interior. The colorful table has been named after the Japanese word for “limb” and if you look closely, it might appear like a colored limb to you. (more…)

A flexible lifestyle is a need for a modern lifestyle. It’s amazing to see so many minimalist yet functional furniture pieces that can be changed as per the needs of the users. Keeping the changing needs of modern homeowners in mind, Un-Lim Furniture Collection is designed to switch its form to meet your needs rather than investing in new pieces for different requirements. (more…)

Which material comes to your mind first when you think of furniture? Probably, you’ll think of wood, metal, and plastic materials. This is because we’ve always seen furniture for plastic, wood, and metal around us. But have you ever thought of your furniture to be made from cardboard? (more…)

Intervention Architecture was commissioned by a professional ballet dancer from Barbican Estate to redesign a compact studio into functional abode. Keeping the owner’s requirements in mind, Birmingham-based design studio came up with a solution to create a shape-shifting, multi-functional furniture for the small living space. (more…)

Italian company Protek has created the patented Bigfoot furniture system to make use of the given space. Be it a house, an office, a hotel, or any other location, this foldable furniture system can easily recreate and transform itself to multiply, expand, hide, and recombine spaces while offering utmost convenience to the user. (more…)