How to Unclog a Toilet with Salt

March 14, 2023 DIY Monika Thakur

Even though clearing a clogged toilet isn’t your favorite thing to do, at least it won’t cost you a fortune to hire a plumber. Salt is one of the many common household products that can be used to unclog a toilet. How to unclog a toilet with salt?

In this post, we discuss the ways to unclog your toilet using different types of salt. However, you must know that it’s effective if your toilet does not have any serious obstruction.

Unclog Your Toilet With Different Types of Salt?

If you need to unclog a toilet quickly, keep in mind that Epsom salt is ideal for that. On the other hand, rock salt and table salt are appropriate for overnight tasks that don’t need your immediate attention.

Breaking Clog in a Toilet With Table Salt

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The first option is to use table salt to unclog a toilet. In this situation, you must combine salt with additional cleaning agents, like baking soda.

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One cup of salt and one cup of baking soda should be used in the mixture. Add 12 cups of hot water to it and pour it into the toilet bowl. Again, refrain from using hot water to clean the toilet.

The remedy can now be left to work overnight. Early in the morning, you can flush the toilet to clear the obstruction, but we advise going the extra mile. Do plunge your toilet before you flush it to ensure the clog is gone. You can also pour some hot water to push down floating baking soda through a toilet drain.

Unclogging Toilet With Epsom Salt

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Order a bag of Natural Epsom Salt from Amazon if you don’t already have any because not everyone has this product at home. To unclog a toilet, you only need a cup or two of Epsom salt, so this 16 oz bag is ideal for your DIY endeavor.

Pour one cup of salt into the toilet bowl, and then wait 15 minutes for it to float. A peculiar bubbling sound is produced when water and magnesium sulfate are combined, which makes the reaction obvious right away.

You can press the flush handle and observe the toilet unclog after some time.

Unclogging Toilet Using Rock Salt

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Although it takes much longer to react, rock salt also functions on its own. You’ll probably decide to flush it down the toilet in the evening to give it time to clear clogs. You must carry out the following:

  • Rock salt in a cup.
  • Add two gallons of hot water to it and combine (avoid boiling water)
  • Fill the toilet bowl with the liquid.
  • Leave it there for no less than eight hours.
  • In the morning, flush the bathroom.

The toilet should function normally following this procedure. Regular hot water from the faucet will accomplish the job much better; however, be careful not to use boiling water as it may cause the porcelain to break.

Why Should You Use Salt to Unclog a Toilet?

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Why use salt to unclog a toilet when there are so many commercial items available? is a common query we receive. We can give you at least three sensible justifications for choosing salt, though:

It is an affordable option

For two reasons, salt is a common home item: it makes a great seasoning and it’s relatively economical, especially when you buy it in quantity. Commercial goods are not overly pricey, but they are far more expensive than salt.

It is accessible at all times in your house

A bag of salt is a common household item, so you can act fast to unclog your toilet. Furthermore, you shouldn’t put off using the restroom until you buy a commercial product.

Salt merges well with other items

Additionally, salt blends well with other household goods to produce a natural cleaning solution. This includes materials that you presumably already have at home, such as vinegar and baking soda.

It’s environmentally-friendly

There is no need to be concerned about chemicals or unfavorable side effects because salt is entirely natural and safe for the environment. Additionally, the procedure doesn’t require you to wear gloves, making it the healthiest option.


You presumably use salt as a seasoning daily, but it can also be a trustworthy unclogging tool. So how to unclog a toilet with salt?

There are various kinds of salt, and each one functions differently:

  • Your toilet bowl can be unclogged with just rock salt, but it takes hours to work.
  • Epsom salt works by itself to remove obstructions and works quickly.
  • Although it must be combined with other substances, table salt is always available.
  • Test salt before investing in commercial products because it can help you dissolve practically all types of toilet obstructions.