With increasing advanced home gadgets, we often come across some of the other smart locking mechanisms to enhance security in urban homes. A new startup Yeeuu Tech has also come up with the latest S1 Smart Lock. But what makes this smart lock stand out from the crowd is that it’s integrated with eight different unlocking methods. (more…)

Since it’s the time and age of smart home appliances and gadgets, Level Home Inc. has also jumped into this industry with their latest Level Lock. Publicized as the world’s first invisible smart lock, this smart door installation is designed by Feiz Design Studio to be installed to the inner side of a door with existing deadbolts for minimizing installation ordeal. (more…)

Based in Seattle, Wyze Ventures is a smart home company that is renowned for its power-packed performances. After coming up with numerous home technology devices, Wyze has now ventured into the security market with a smart door lock. Reportedly selling at a price of $89.99, the Wyze Lock is way cheaper from its counterparts from Yale and August. Like any smart lock, the Smart Wyze Lock is also equipped with an HD 1080p smart indoor camera with night vision and a two-way audio system. It has Bluetooth and Zigbee connections inbuilt, which help the device to unlock the regular house…

Probably, everyone would agree that getting out of bed in the morning is the most difficult task ever. You’re tempted to sleep a little more, especially on a workday. While many people put so many alarms to help up get up, others might need a smell of coffee to kickstart their day. Keeping both the behaviors in mind, the makers of Barisieur has now come up with its advanced version, Barisieur 2.0. (more…)

Based in Sterling, Va., Sestra Systems has launched a new TapWise Touchless System to offer a smart dispensing solution for customers. In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, this timely product would be a perfect addition in bars, hotels, stadiums, airport lounges, areas, or other beverage serving venues to enhance points of service while maintaining the distance between the device and the user, as recommended by public place reopening guidelines. (more…)

In modern homes, kitchen countertops are more coveted than ever before. Considering the space restrictions in urban dwellings, designers are come up with more and more dual or multipurpose devices and appliances. One such appliance is the conceptual Cuchen rice cooker that performs double duty by functioning as a clock. (more…)

Yeg Design Studio has created an innovative Clock Desk for professionals to enhance their productivity at office or home while harnessing sustainable energy. This is basically a futuristic conceptual design that opens and closes as per the requirements of the user. Meanwhile, it even saves space when not in use – due to its nesting aesthetics. (more…)

Many times homeowners don’t pay much attention to deck up their balcony space. But in that case, your balcony will always lack character and beauty. However, if you explore some amazing design possibilities, your balcony space can start to take some shape. Even if your balcony is small, you still have many options to make it appear gorgeous once the right details are added. (more…)