Custom Vanity Tops For Stylish Bathroom

January 18, 2023 Bathroom Monika Thakur

Looking forward to giving your home bathroom an elegant look or renovating it completely? One area that you need to work on is the vanity top. Choosing custom vanity tops can give your bathroom a stylish yet functional makeover.

You have to make a lot of decisions when it comes to selecting vanity tops for bathrooms. However, the most crucial choice to make is picking the right material for your vanity top. The material you choose is likely to attain your desired bathroom renovation goals. But before that decide how thick vanity you want.

How Thick Should Be Your Vanity Top?

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One of the things that initially confused me about vanity alternatives was that, in addition to all the many material selections, I frequently also had to select a thickness and edge style for the vanity top. But after some research, I want to leave you with some comfort: in contrast to what I had initially expected, a vanity top’s thickness isn’t a good indication of its quality or endurance.

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In reality, the decision largely relies on aesthetics (excepting only the price difference). The edge style is the same; whether you desire your vanity’s finished appearance to be beveled or flat, thick or thin, it just comes down to personal preference. You normally have three choices: 2 cm, 3 cm, or 4 cm, which translate to “normal for a bathroom,” “normal for a kitchen,” and “a touch on the thick side,” respectively. The 4 cm option is presently the trendiest and most stylish of the three.

Custom vanity tops: How to choose one?

The vanity top is one feature of a luxury bathroom that stands out, and it is the goal of designers, decorators, and architects to locate the best vanity top to create a practical, upscale bathroom that is also fashionable. What could be more opulent than a custom bathroom? In this article, we’ll demonstrate the value of bespoke vanity tops and offer advice on how to pick the best one for your dream bathroom.

Granite Custom Vanity Tops For Bathrooms

Granite, one of the most distinctive countertop materials on the market, is distinguished by its gorgeous reflecting and jewel-like qualities. Given that it is a naturally occurring stone that took millions of years to produce, this choice is truly exceptional and one in a million. Although granite tends to be black, the natural stone offers a variety of colors and patterns, making it incredibly versatile.

Granite is incredibly resilient and has a built-in resistance to heat and scratches. This material, which is a favorite among homeowners because of how little maintenance it requires, can be washed with soap and water following yearly sealing procedures. Granite countertops may last for many years with the right upkeep. Granite can cost between $75 and $200 per foot, but over time, you’ll save money by needing less upkeep and repairs on the surface.

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Quartz Bathroom Vanity Tops

Today’s homeowners are increasingly choosing quartz surfaces for bathroom remodels. Quartz countertops are sometimes referred to as engineered stone or engineered quartz since they are made of 95 percent pulverized quartz and 5 percent polymer resins. Quartz has a more regular pattern, despite having a gloss and texture comparable to granite. It comes in practically any color because it is engineered stone.

A non-porous surface like quartz is advantageous in high-usage areas like your bathroom. Your countertop is less likely to develop mold if it has no pores because no pores allow bacteria and other organisms to enter the surface. Being anti-bacterial and germ resistant does not eliminate the need for cleaning; it’s just easier. Additionally, quartz is stain-resistant, so sealing and waxing are not necessary to keep it stain-free. A soft sponge or towel, water, light dish soap, and these countertops can be used to clean them. The use of abrasive cleansers is not advised.
The price of quartz countertops per square foot ranges from $115 to $200. Quartz may appear expensive, yet it needs little upkeep, is almost indestructible, and lasts a lifetime.

Marble Custom Vanity Tops

Sedimentary rock marble is frequently chosen for its grace and beauty rather than for its durability. It is often used for bathroom countertops rather than kitchen ones because it is weaker than granite and quartz and experiences less stress and misuse.

Marble countertops can survive for many years, but care is required regularly. Marble countertops require regular sealing since the stone is porous and allows stains and bacteria to grow. Red wine and abrasive cleaners can also easily etch marble surfaces. Only if your countertop is made of real marble and not cultured marble can these scratches be repaired.

Although marble is a gorgeous alternative, the price may put off homebuyers. One of the more expensive countertop options, marble typically costs between $120 and $250 per square foot.

Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

Solid surface countertops are man-made from a combination of materials, including polyester and acrylics, although they may look like laminate. These countertops are a fantastic substitute for people looking for a more affordable option than granite, quartz, or marble which is nonetheless strong and fashionable. The typical price of solid surfaces per square foot ranges from $35 to $100.

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The word “solid” in solid surface denotes the absence of pores. Because of this quality, the surface is simple to maintain and impervious to liquid and oil damage. To restore the finish, any dings or scratches can also be rubbed out or sanded down. Re-sealing solid surface countertops are not necessary. Curling irons and hair dryers should only be used with caution on these surfaces because they are not heat resistant.

With solid surfaces, there are seemingly countless color and pattern options, which work well with coordinated bathroom furnishings. The ability to carve the material into original and creative forms is another benefit.

These are some popular vanity top choices to consider for your bathroom interior. All these materials are not only aesthetic but practical too. You can choose anyone to enhance the overall visual appeal and style of your bathroom.

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