How to Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat

Practicing yoga has been around for 100s of years. In the past few years, the craze of yoga has gone up in many people, particularly the western society. It is because yoga is an overall workout not just for your body but the mind too. All you require is a lululemon yoga mat (or any other yoga mat of your choice) to practice yoga with ease. It is important to invest in a good quality yoga mat, as it serves as the necessary padding to protect your body while practicing different postures on the ground. Therefore, it’s best to replace the bad quality yoga mat with a good quality one. After all, a good-quality yoga mat comes with an appropriate amount of cushioning to support your body in yoga poses. But once you have a yoga mat, you also need to keep it clean to stay away from germs when practicing yoga.

can i put my Lululemon yoga mat in the washing machine

Why Cleaning Your Lululemon Yoga Mat Regularly is Important

Yoga mats come with a coating on their surface to improve their grip when applying downward pressure during the poses. Such parts are ideal to wash with regular laundry. If the mat is dirty, you can dip it in soapy water, as well as leave it there for a few hours. Also, scrub it firmly for removing stubborn stains. Make sure to properly rinse it off before using the yoga mat again.

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Some people also use a hot iron on the fuzzy side of a mat to kill bacteria. But most mats are made of rubbery or polyurethane materials that may stick to the hot iron. So, how to clean a yoga mat made of these materials? Well, you need to wash your mat with a mild hand wash or soap. However, if your mat is new and still smells rubbery, don’t work on removing the smell. It is because the smell makes the mat less slippery, as this smell is due to a special anti-slip coating on a mat.

how to wash lululemon yoga towel mat

The coating, however, will fade away gradually as you keep using the mat. After a while, you need to clean off the coating a few times before you wash your mat. Whenever you are sure that the coating is carefully rubbed off, you need to treat the mat just like any other clothing piece.

How to clean lululemon reversible yoga mat?

How to clean lululemon reversible yoga mat?

You need to clean your lululemon yoga mat with the right solutions. It is because this mat is made using high-quality polyvinyl chloride strands or PVC rubber. If you clean it using the wrong solutions, the mat will become super slick and breaks down faster than you think. With that in mind, if you are looking for the right ways to clean your yoga mats, here we discuss a few simple processes to clean them. We also share some helpful tips to keep your yoga mat sticky.

Here are some different methods to clean lululemon mats:

1. Vacuum cleaners with upholstery tools

How to clean a polyurethane yoga mat? You can use a vacuum cleaner with upholstery tools to clean the lululemon mat to remove dust and grime. It is ideal for home exercises, as most homeowners have a vacuum cleaner with upholstery tools at home.

You need to:

  • Turn the compressor vacuum cleaner on and prepare the upholstery tool.
  • After that, when start using the mat, you have to place the side of the mat facing up. So, the vacuum cleaner may suck all the debris. Later, you can continue with the regular exercise routine.

2. Wet towels along with mild detergent

It is another appropriate option to clean mild dirt and lululemon yoga mat stains.

You have to:

  • Find a sink in your house and fill it with cold water.
  • Soak the towels in cold water and also add a drop of mild detergent.
  • Keep one towel on the bottom while gently scrubbing the mat with a towel or a medium-bristled brush.
  • Once the bottom is clean, you can turn over the mat and also clean its other side.
  • Now, rinse the yoga mat with cold water properly.

3. Cleaning Lululemon yoga mat with essential oils

An essential oil consists of anti-bacterial ingredients, like tea tree, clove, etc., to clean your lululemon yoga mat. A good essential oil also removes the unwanted smell from the yoga mat.

What you need:

  • 1 bottle of tea tree essential oil
  • A lululemon yoga mat
  • A small spray bottle


Step 1: Spray some liquid on your yoga mat to clean its surface. Put some tea tree essential oil before it dries in the exposed air. You may also use some other anti-bacterial essential oils as per your taste. You even have to ensure that you are not allergic to the used essential oil.

Step 2: Now, rub the essential oil on the surface of your yoga mat. If there’s no essential oil with you, you may use a natural dish soap solution for cleaning.

4. Cleaning yoga mat with baking soda and lemon

Lemon juice and baking soda are some of the go-to techniques to clean the yoga mat easily and safely. The combination of lemon juice and baking soda is one simple yet natural way of cleansing. It is useful as a laundry detergent to clean tennis shoes and kitchen items.

The best thing about this technique is that it’s easy to customize. You may even replace the natural cleaning solution with another cleaning agent, as you need to adjust its strength.

How to use it:

You only require two ingredients: lemon juice and baking soda for cleaning your yoga mat. First, you need to start by making your mat wet. After that, mix one part of baking soda in two parts of lemon juice. After that, use a brush or a cleaning sponge to apply the mixture to the mat. Just let it sit for a few minutes and wipe off the applied mixture.

5. Readymade Cleaning Solutions

The best thing about ready-made cleaning solutions is beginning with a cleaning mat. So, there will be little effort during the cleaning process.

If you are cleaning a lululemon yoga mat, you need to find a cleaning solution that’s already been tested to work on it. When you find the right cleaning solution, it works effortlessly compared to simple soap and water.

One of the important cleaning solutions to work easily on the lululemon yoga mat is an organic one. This will be great to remove spills of oils, cosmetics, sweat, blood, and other stains that are difficult to remove.

All you need to do is spray the may using a cleaning solution. You need to do it from a specific distance of around 6-inches from the yoga mat. Meanwhile, hold the can upright. Just ensure that the spray is done nicely on the upper and lower part of your mat. Later, use a dry and clean towel to wipe off the mat.

6. Cleaning in a washing machine

If you have a washing machine, you can simply put your dirty mat into a gentle cycle without the heat setting. If you don’t have a washing machine, just take the mat to the Lululemon store, where the staff will happily take care of the cleaning work for you. They will also tell you about any problem (if any) with the mat.

Warning: When putting a Lululemon yoga mat in a washing machine. You may put the mat in a specific bag, fasten it tightly, and after that keep it inside for washing. Since the bag is well-secured nothing is likely to get soaked. It even ensures that the yoga mat does not get water or dirt from different clothing items in the washing machine. Worried about the lululemon yoga mat losing its grip? Well, when you put it in a bag for cleaning, there won’t be any such grip loss. It is because the yoga mat remains protected within the bag while cleaning.

7. Yoga mat cleanser

The yoga mats are likely to accumulate various layers of bacteria and germs after using them for a few days a week. While it is not important to use a specific yoga mat cleanser, it can easily do the cleaning job without much effort.

All you really require is for basic cleaning of the lulu laminate yoga mat. You can also use a yoga mat to spray Lululemon and wipe off the spray. You may even blot it dry using certain paper towels. It is essential to note down some cleaners that help the cells to rehydrate while staying in the best shape. You even need to give your yoga mat time for proper air drying before heating it for a hot yoga class. It will take a couple of hours to make the mat completely dry.

How Frequently To Clean Your Lululemon Yoga Mat

For answering this question, you first have to determine the type of yoga mat you own. Furthermore, the maintenance and cleaning differ as per a yoga mat type and quality.

If you have an antimicrobial or eco-friendly yoga mat, you don’t have to use a harsh cleaner for cleaning it. It is because these mats are sensitive to stain removal chemicals. If you use a regular yoga mat, you have to clean it very often.

The part of yoga is sweating, so there will be sweat accumulation on the mat. So, it is best to clean it after every use. Also, wipe off the mat with a damp, clean sponge. It will further prevent odors from developing. Wondering how to get rid of the smell on lululemon yoga mat? Well, you can use a fragrant spay to remove the unwanted smell.

When Should You Clean Your Mat

lululemon yoga mat stains

Just like anything else, you have to ensure to use the right equipment for properly cleaning your products. It also helps you to keep the mat well-cleaned and maintained. Since the yoga mat is useful for fitness and yoga practice, it is vital to wash it whenever you notice any sweat patches and dirt.

Ensure that a durable and high-quality yoga mat is cleaned regularly. It needs cleaning at least 2-3 times a month. Also, dry your yoga mat completely otherwise it may start breeding bacteria on its surface.

The yoga mat type you own hurts the way you clean it. Fortunately, lululemon offers various types of yoga mats. These even provide you with a double-strap mat that’s most popular in studios or for home practice.

With such a mat, it is very easy to keep the mat clean. You just need a damp cloth for cleaning. Another type of yoga mat to consider is the single strap mat. Its cleaning is also quite easy. You need to clean the mat using a damp cloth. Another important type is the Yamuna mat, which is designed for machine wash. Due to such convenient cleaning, it is quite popular among homeowners.

A Few Points To Remember

When it comes to the Lululemon yoga mat, you can consider handwashing with mild soap or machine washing with detergent on a very gentle cycle. We don’t suggest you use a dryer. Rather, you have to line it dry or use the tumble dry or specific dryer for proper drying.

According to Lululemon, it is best to air dry the yoga mat naturally. You should avoid drying out the gear in the open sun and on a dishwasher’s rack. These are some of the simple yet very convenient ways to do the cleaning work.

But how to make lululemon yoga mat sticky and remove the odor? Well, you can leave it to the sun. But don’t keep the mat in the direct sun for a long duration.

Prevention is indeed the best way to keep our yoga mat clean, safe, and away from any harm. As far as the practices go, yoga is important for use in today’s time of the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, yoga not just boosts your energy and flexibility, but also improves mental health and immunity.

So, do make yoga part of your life but don’t forget to take care of your yoga mat.